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Ogilvy Insurance leverages Applied for a better customer experience

Ogilvy Insurance needed a single brokerage management system that would streamline its workflows, consolidate customer data and easily deliver client communications. A single management system from Applied enables staff to access data anytime, anywhere to better manage customer relationships.

"Applied Epic is central to what we do. It’s important that we have the best system available for our needs, and we have that with Applied Epic."

Bruce Ogilvy

Ogilvy Insurance


Senior leadership at Ogilvy Insurance wanted to implement a brokerage management system that brought all staff onto the same workflows, with standardized operating procedures. Ogilvy staff also wanted a better way to communicate with clients and personalized segmentation for marketing was very difficult.


Ogilvy selected Applied Epic, the world’s fastest-growing cloud-based brokerage management system, to bring the business into the digital century and drive more growth. Applied Epic provided the brokerage with a single source for all client and prospect data and accessibility for each stakeholder within the brokerage. The brokerage also benefits from Applied Epic’s customer service tools to proactively service clients with renewals and other opportunities.


Business processes are streamlined and standardized now with Applied Epic. The productivity and efficiencies gained through standardization is saving the brokerage valuable time and money. Applied Epic also centralizes the data, and enables Ogilvy Insurance to eliminate third-party software solutions.  Access to uncompromised, accurate data helps the team audit and reconcile files as well. “We see Applied Epic as a critical tool to create more efficiency and better customer service,” said Ogilvy. “With Applied Epic automating much of our business, we can now focus more on selling insurance and serving as a trusted advisor.” For Ogilvy, Applied Epic is the best system to drive the business into the future. The brokerage believes in investing in technology to keep staff efficient and productive in the face of increasing customer service demand.

The team now communicates with customers on a personal level, sending emails or letters based on a report. “We are able to get ahead of renewals, proactively communicating with our clients when it is time to renew or when there is a discount opportunity,” said Ogilvy. With tools that provide more proactive customer service, Ogilvy fully expects retention to improve and new business referrals to increase.

About Ogilvy Insurance

Ogilvy Insurance is an independent brokerage serving metropolitan areas of Ontario and Quebec. The brokerage has more than 90 years of experience with home, auto, life, health, travel and marine insurance.

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Company Snapshot

Headquarters: Quebec
2 offices in Montreal and Toronto
50 employees

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