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Improve productivity through increased connectivity and streamlined workflows.

Applied Integration Partners integrate best-in-class capabilities with Applied’s solutions, enabling agencies and brokerages to better manage day-to-day tasks and deliver a more connected client experience. Increasing connectivity across systems will enable agencies and brokerages to further automate business operations and focus more time on selling and managing the business of insurance.

Applied Integration Partners develop, distribute, implement, and integrate leading capabilities with Applied TAM and Applied Epic. Integrations are certified by Applied to ensure a seamless user experience.

Integration Partners

BriefYourMarket.com is an all in one marketing platform designed specifically to assist in successful acquisition, cross-selling, upselling, retention, renewals and winning back lost business. Through integration with Applied TAM and the use of data-driven automated communications, BriefYourMarket.com offers brokers and insurers the tools required to drive operational efficiencies and boost their revenue.

Passport, powered by Assurex Global and integrated into Applied Epic software, allows Applied Epic users to transfer documents in a few simple, secure steps without leaving the application. Documents can easily be shared at the client or policy level of another Assurex Global broker’s Applied Epic application. Simultaneously, the Assurex Global Passport system logs the document exchange and also maintains a copy of the document, improving staff productivity.

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