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Medical Insurance Consultants becomes more connected with Applied

Historically, Medical Insurance Consultants managed their business with manual, administrative tasks, taking valuable time away from advising customers and selling insurance. The business then implemented Applied TAM, operated on Applied Cloud, to automate its day-to-day operations and improve overall business performance.

"The long-term benefits of Applied are the ability to store all of our data in one place. We can gather the information, produce the quotes and email it to the client while they’re sat in front of us."

Vanessa Coombs

Administrative Director,
Medical Insurance Consultants


Like many established brokers who hadn’t yet invested in technology, Medical Insurance Consultants (MIC) struggled with manual processes that would take valuable time and create operational inefficiencies. Business continuity was also a concern during hazardous weather or other circumstances which prevented members of the team being able to get to the office. MIC needed digital technology to automate the business and allow employees to work anytime, anywhere.


MIC chose to automate and standardise their business with Applied TAM. Applied TAM offers greater visibility into customers and day-to-day operations to reduce time and expenses spent on administrative tasks and improve customer service. The business also chose to operate Applied TAM on Applied Cloud, increasing data security and business continuity and enabling access to business information anytime, anywhere.

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Since MIC implemented Applied TAM, employees have been able to automate their workflows and gain greater visibility into their customers. “The long-term benefits of Applied are the ability to store all of our data in one place,” explained Vanessa Coombs, administrative director, Medical Insurance Consultants. “We can gather the information, produce the quotes and email it to the client while they’re sat in front of us.” The broker management system enables all employees to better serve customers with the customer, policy and accounting workflows all in one application.

Applied TAM also ensures the business stays FCA compliant. “The fact that Applied can update the IPT as the tax rates change is ideal,” continues Vanessa. “Applied TAM also prepares the reports required for audits and compliance checks when they occur.” Employees also have access to consistently updated versions of Certificates of Insurance and Evidence of Property to assist in maintaining compliance.

Applied Cloud always keeps the business running smoothly, regardless of weather conditions. “We had some adverse weather a couple of years ago, so staff were able to log in from home and continue working,” explained Vanessa. “It’s been so helpful to have Applied TAM whenever we need it.” Applied Cloud enables any employee to access Applied TAM anytime, anywhere.

Operating Applied TAM in the Applied Cloud has allowed MIC to focus more on the business of insurance, and less on IT-related issues. “We chose a cloud-based system because we wanted the responsibility of security and backups to be with the experts, and I believe that Applied has some of the best data centres in the world,” said Vanessa. Applied Cloud’s data centres operate 24/7/365, with constant monitoring, protecting data and ensuring continual uninterrupted access to data. Employees never have to worry about operations recovery, backup encryption or data security with the largest team in the world dedicated to insurance cloud operations.

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Medical Insurance Consultants Ltd are a specialist insurance broker providing unique insurance solutions for healthcare providers and professionals.

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