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Applied Epic Benefits

Modern architecture to support growth

Applied Epic is designed to provide the flexibility and capabilities you require to quickly expand and seamlessly integrate newly acquired businesses. Applied Epic’s scalable architecture and standardised data enable you to quickly and seamlessly add new customers, lines of business and locations across multiple geographies to support your business’s growth strategy today and in the future. Applied Epic’s seamless integrations to third-party applications, proprietary systems and other data sources provide a single view of the entire business for every staff member.

Business process management and automation

Applied Epic provides greater business process management capabilities and prebuilt workflows with myEpic, enabling you to automate, adapt and reassign the most frequently used workflows to ensure consistency across all users and locations to maximise profitability and improve productivity. Applied Epic also provides superior document management capabilities to allow for multiple folder levels, search, report and tracking of history and versions at the client and vendor level. The applications enable you to manage and organise documents according to your business process guidelines while providing secure and ready access to documentation from a single source.

Omnichannel customer service capabilities

Applied Epic seamlessly integrates with Applied CSR24, Applied MobileInsured and Applied Mobile to enable omnichannel eTrading and customer service, including email, SMS, client portal and mobile apps. Additionally, Applied Epic enables straight-through processing of insurance information directly from insurers through the brokers to the insured – with no manual broker activity required. This direct integration enables you to deliver omnichannel customer service while improving internal productivity via automation.

Customer relationship and sales automation capabilities

Applied Epic Sales Automation is the industry’s first fully integrated sales opportunity, pipeline, forecast and activity manager. Role-based, intuitive dashboards offer a visual representation of performance against sales goals and sales opportunities, enabling you to view, monitor, track and forecast new business opportunities and renewals directly within the application.

Superior information management and reporting

Applied Epic delivers exceptional insight into your business' financial performance through market-leading reporting and best-practice accounting. View executive-level dashboards that provide insight into your sales activity, including New Business and Renewal Business year-to-date, hit ratio, and opportunity-to-close rate among others, across your organisation to more closely track pipeline and growth. Customise Epic Sales Automation to track user-defined sales stages by line of business that are unique to your specific sales processes, ensuring consistent company-wide sales operations.

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