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Multiple locations and the need for more visibility

Operating across three different locations, it was critical for Weatherby-Eisenrich to have more visibility and access to its business data with a more intuitive agency management system. Additionally, staff needed a better way of reporting sales efforts and more visibility into their sales pipeline.

Applied has definitely had an impact on our bottom line. In West Texas, we deal with oil, so we’ve seen a downturn in the economy. But for us, we can service our accounts in less time, with less resources, so we’ve seen profits thanks to the technology.

Eric Bua

Management Coordinator and Producer


An agency management system to enable sales automation

The agency chose Applied Epic, the fastest growing and most widely used management system in the world, to provide essential capabilities for each stakeholder within the agency to better manage customer relationships, sales opportunities, market appetite search, financial accounting and policy and benefits administration across all lines of business, eliminating the need for separate, disparate systems. The application offers a comprehensive view of client and prospect information and internal workflows through an intuitive user interface, enabling users to make more informed decisions about their business and capitalize quickly on new opportunities.

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Profitable technology: the ability to more easily cross-sell and upsell

Weatherby-Eisenrich has been a Best Practices agency for a number of years, due in part to the business visibility that Applied Epic provides the agency. “One of the best things about Applied Epic is we have all the data in one place and can access the system at any one of our locations,” said Eric Bua, management coordinator and producer, Weatherby-Eisenrich. “With the cloud-based system, employees can interact on a real-time basis and service any account at any time. We can easily remarket to clients and respond, which has really helped with client retention and customer service.” All of the CSRs and producers at the agency have one system and one data base to work from. The improved visibility has enabled the agency to re-evaluate some of their processes and make changes for the better.

Epic Sales Automation provides Weatherby sales process management capabilities to gain visibility into their sales pipeline – both for prospective and current clients – and more closely forecast and track new business opportunities. “Now, we have automated reports and producers enter in details at every stage. We are able to take advantage of more sales opportunities due to the enhanced visibility into sales pipeline and forecasts.” Producers and managers are also able to work together more closely and align sales goals with more precision. The additional insight into producer targets and numbers keep staff accountable. “Sales Automation gives us visibility into what our producers are working on, including renewals,” said Bua. “We can see the gaps with reports and identify which customers are missing policies. All of us can now work together to round out accounts.”

Applied supported Weatherby’s growth goals even in tough economic conditions. “Applied has definitely had an impact on our bottom line,” said Bua. “In West Texas, we deal with oil, so we’ve seen a downturn in the economy. But for us, we can service our accounts in less time, with less resources, so we’ve seen profits thanks to the technology.”

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