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Connecting to Agencies

Deliver greater value to agencies, MGAs and insureds via a connected distribution network. The IVANS network of connected agencies enables insurers and MGAs to quickly identify and access new business opportunities to drive profitable growth via the independent agency channel.

Connect to Agencies and MGAs

Automate data exchange directly from your system to more than 30,000 agency and MGA management systems via a single platform. IVANS provides an open platform that enables insurers to automate operations, build stronger partner relationships, and provide better service to insureds. Expand agent and MGA connectivity through IVANS to drive greater client retention and premium growth.


Service Your Distribution Channel

Increase ease of doing business and policyholder retention by continuously providing agents and MGAs the most accurate information available. As the industry standard for connectivity, IVANS provides an open platform that increases ease of doing business between insurers, MGAs and agency partners via automated workflows and data exchange to build strong business relationships and provide better service for insureds.


Develop New Business

Expand your opportunities to connect with the right agents and MGAs. The IVANS digital distribution network brings together more than 30,000 agencies to increase connectivity, access to markets and profitable growth across the independent agency channel. From appointment to submission, IVANS enables your business to build business with agents more quickly and efficiently than ever before.


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