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Applied Epic

Gain a single view across branches, roles and brands in a single application.

Gain greater visibility across your entire book of business. Power your business with the only system in the industry that has integrated capabilities to manage all lines of business in a single application. As the world’s most widely used broker management system, Applied Epic®’s integrated and open architecture provides essential capabilities for your business to better manage customer relationships, sales opportunities, market access, financial accounting, reporting, business processes, and policy administration.

Key Benefits

Gain a single view of your business

Manage all roles, locations, and lines of business within a single application to reduce time and cost spent operating multiple disparate systems.

Connect with your insurer partners

Access new markets and automate policy information exchange with your insurers without having to leave the system.

Manage sales processes and opportunities

View performance against sales goals and opportunities with role-based, intuitive dashboards to easily track new business opportunities and renewals.

Connect with partners through an open, integrated system

Maximise your business value through seamless integration with third-party applications, proprietary systems and other data sources.


  • Text messaging

    Send individual text messages to your insureds or trigger mass messaging through system events.

  • Document management

    Gain enhanced document management capabilities via paragraph templates to reduce set up time and better manage updates going forward.

  • Integrated trading

    Manage Personal and Commercial Lines in a single application and eliminate the time and cost spent managing and training staff on two disparate systems whilst maintaining a single view of your business.

  • Renewal management

    View, process and track renewals with the dynamic and drill-down-enabled renewal management centre.

  • Process management and automation

    Automate, adapt and reassign the most frequently used workflows to ensure consistency across all users and locations through business process management capabilities and pre-built workflows.

  • Omnichannel customer service

    Integrate with your online customer portal or mobile apps to empower customers and employees with the same policy information in Applied Epic.

  • Customer relationship and sales automation

    View, monitor, track and forecast new business opportunities and renewals directly within the application, eliminating the need to invest time and expense in separate solutions.

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