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The management system is the backbone of your organisation so you need a system with the capabilities to manage your entire business and the flexibility to grow as you do. Applied Epic® is the world’s most widely used management platform. It allows you to manage and maintain a clear picture of your entire organisation across all roles, locations and lines of business. Its out-of-the box capabilities gives your team easier access to data, minimises software management and lets you more quickly realise the value of new enhancements. Build your business on a system that automates back office operations, keeps your front office sales team connected, and integrates with customer service and eTrading SME technologies.

Key Benefits

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    Embrace technology with an open and flexible platform

    Boost the value of your organisation by having a flexible system that can grow and innovate alongside your business. Using open and scalable architecture, Applied Epic supports acquisitions and integrations of both Applied and third-party applications to guarantee productivity and profitability as the needs of your business change.

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    Bring the benefits of automation to more of your business

    Get more of your organisation in the same platform to have a single source of truth for your business. All roles, locations and lines of business can be managed in this platform while giving flexibility for staff to operate with other applications that exchange data directly with Applied Epic.

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    Empower your team to work from anywhere in a system they'll love

    Give employees a simple, intuitive user experience. In just a few clicks, they can view account and policy details, complete a quote, file a claim, and re-broke a renewal. And with on-the-go access to your management system via a mobile app, you now have the flexibility to empower your teams to work from anywhere.

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    Work better with your insurer partners

    Connect with insurer partners right from your daily workflow to save time servicing customers. Without ever leaving your core system, you can find the best products quickly and easily.

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    Meet your customers wherever they are

    Support customers at any time on any channel. With the ability to seamlessly integrate with your online client portal and mobile app, you can help customers help themselves through 24/7 access to the policy information in your management system.


  • Manage All Lines of Business

    See all lines of business holistically, in one place, and never leave your system.

  • Renewal Management

    Focus on what really matters – maintaining and growing your book of business. With the dynamic and drill-down-enabled renewal management centre, you can easily view, process and track renewals.

  • Process Management and Automation

    Delight your employees by making work simpler. By automating their most frequently used workflows, they can get more done in less time.

  • Sales Automation

    Stop wasting time bouncing back-and-forth between multiple systems. Your management system is the only place you need to go to view, monitor, track and forecast new business opportunities and renewals. From there, integrate with world-class CRM technologies, like Salesforce, to get a 360-degree view of your customer.

  • Document Management

    Work the way that works for you. Manage, organise and secure documents based on your business’ guidelines or your own customised process. Keep it simple or create deep folder hierarchies. Search, create reports, track history and/or versions by customer or supplier. It’s that easy.

  • Multichannel Customer Service

    Give your customers choice in how they interact with your business. Applied Epic easily integrates with your customer self-service portal and mobile app so that your customers can access their policy information anytime, anywhere.

  • Reporting and Data Analytics

    Obtain powerful graphical business insights from your existing management system data. Then use these insights to boost employee productivity and create better relationships with your clients and insurers.

  • Integrated eTrading

    Eliminate the time and money spent managing and training employees on multiple systems. Integrated eTrading allows you to provide greater advice and coverage for a customer’s complete insurance needs. By utilising commercial workflows in Applied Epic, you reduce the re-keying of customer information and create easily viewable documentation for auditing purposes.

What's New

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    Expanded Integration with Applied CSR24
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    Customer Contact Import

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    Claims Management Enhancements

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    Revenue Recognition Improvements
  • Broker Finance
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    Fiscal-Year Pipeline Reports
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    Branded Email Templates

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