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For Brokers

Applied Rating and Fulfilment Services

Quickly and effectively distribute Personal Lines and Commercial Lines products.

Proactively manage rates and respond faster to market shifts. Conduct more accurate risk analysis and access the most current insurance data by connecting directly to broker back-office systems and third-party data providers. Applied Rating and Fulfilment Services™ is a connectivity and data exchange platform that automates the rating and policy fulfilment process between insurers and brokers.

Key Benefits

Gain high-speed market access

Reach thousands of brokers as part of their daily quoting workflows. Make underwriting changes in real time and access data enrichment providers to assist you in the rating process.

Access management information reports

View a wide range of Management Information Reports, including number of quotes, average premiums and conversion (n.b. subject to the provisions of the Data Protection Act, Confidentiality and Competition Law).

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