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Industry Trends & Insights

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Why Agents Need a Modern Management System

Date Published:

By: Anupam Gupta

Industry Trends & Insights

2 Minute Read

Why Agents Need a Modern Management System

Date Published:

By: Anupam Gupta


The modern management system is more integrated than ever before and will help your agency become more valuable, but we know change can be hard. The management systems of the past are an important part of the history that got us to where we are today, but the modern management system is what will bring agencies like yours to the next level. Let’s explore the main benefits your agency will experience and how migration experts can help support you as you navigate moving to a new system.

5 Compelling Benefits of Upgrading Your Management System

Technology is always changing, and so are customer expectations. With the latest in management system technology, you’ll be able to meet evolving customer service demands and excel like never before.

Let’s look at five of the main reasons you should consider upgrading your management system:

1. Simple and Secure Access

Modern, browser-based technology provides a simplified, more secure workspace with important security features such as Identity Provider (IdP) integration. Integrate your organization’s existing IdP with the modern management system for increased efficiency and time savings over managing multiple logins and passwords.

2. More Capabilities Delivered More Frequently

Insurance technology just keeps getting better. When you commit to using the modern agency management system, you will benefit from more frequent releases with features to help you increase revenue, retain more clients and create more value for your agency. The modern management system is regularly updated and boasts the latest capabilities your agency needs.

3. Reduced Manual Tasks

Using the latest technology means streamlined workflows and modern screens that include native lookups and address validation. This gives you more time to spend on customer service,  helps your agency become more efficient and positions you as a trusted advisor to your clients. Each click adds seconds, which adds up to wasted hours per employee per week that can be eliminated with the latest management system technology.

4. A Single View of Your Business

Manage all lines of business in one system, including Commercial, Personal and Benefits. Plus, you’ll be able to see the entire insurance lifecycle end-to-end with a single view of marketing, sales, servicing, communications, digital payments and more. With a single view of business, your agency will enjoy reduced operating costs and greater business insights.

5. Competitive Advantage

With the modern management system by your side, your clients will feel more secure and get the attention they deserve. Over time, technology changes and certain elements that older systems were built on are no longer supported by the companies that created them. Investing in the modern management system will make your agency more competitive and profitable.

Let Your Providers Help You Navigate Change

If fear is holding you back from letting go of old technology and embracing the modern agency management system, know that you’re not on this journey alone. Applied has integration experts who have extensive experience leading agencies through digital transformation. These experts are committed to making the transition as easy as possible and are there with you every step of the way. We have first-hand experience seeing the migration process reduced from six months to as little as two months with the help of migration experts. Many of these professionals also have agency experience and have gone through similar migrations. With the right technology provider, there is ongoing training with specialists to make the process as painless as possible.

Transform Today, Ensure a More Competitive Tomorrow

Our world has become increasingly digital, and instant service is the new norm. When you embrace the modern management system, you’ll be able to stay competitive as an employer and service provider, giving employees and clients the simple and secure technology they’re looking for. Take a look at more benefits of transforming your agency’s technology and workflows

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