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Applied CSR24

2 Minute Read

Exceed Client Expectations with CSR24

Date Published:

By: Becky Little

Applied CSR24

2 Minute Read

Exceed Client Expectations with CSR24

Date Published:

By: Becky Little


Recent studies from sources like Statista show that 88% of consumers expect an organization to have a self-service portal, including 41% that say they’ll switch to another provider if they lack digital capabilities. That’s a substantial churn rate. Clients want self-service options and may go elsewhere if they can’t get them at your organization. That’s where Applied CSR24®, an online and mobile insurance customer self-service technology solution, comes into play.

In the recent workshop, Exceeding Expectations with CSR24, Maggie Essex, a solutions specialist on Applied’s Customer Success Team, reviewed how Applied CSR24 can increase your organization’s productivity and customer satisfaction, giving you an edge in a competitive market.

Are You Exceeding Client Expectations?

You hear it often, but what does exceeding expectations mean? For customers, it means receiving exemplary service through innovative solutions. But does your organization fit the bill? In the on-demand workshop, Essex shares the following statistics:

  • 80% of organizations believe they’re providing exemplary customer service, yet only 8% of customers feel they’re receiving exemplary service.
  • 15% of customers are satisfied with their self-service portal. That means 85% are unsatisfied.
  • 36% of customers want innovative self-service options.

These metrics show that there is room for change even if you’ve already launched a portal.

Applied CSR24 Is Your Innovative Solution

Applied CSR24 gives clients round-the-clock access to a portal branded with your logo and custom options to suit how you do business. Your agency remains in control by alerting staff when clients complete an action within their accounts. Clients can view their accounts anytime using a computer browser or mobile device.

In the workshop, Essex reviews all the product options you control that provide your clients with a branded experience, including:

  • Securely sharing documentation
  • Completing applications and renewals
  • Submitting a claim
  • Issuing and requesting certificates of insurance (COIs)
  • Accessing auto ID/liability cards
  • Making change requests
  • Processing payments online

Increase Productivity Requests Using Applied CSR24

Remember, customers want self-service options they can access on their schedule. Applied CSR24 doesn’t remove your interactions with clients; it enhances them.

In seconds, your customer service team can manage client requests, including:

  • Offering and granting immediate access to Applied CSR24, all from a single screen.
  • Editing and expiring account details on the fly.
  • Sharing Applied Marketing Automation® content to a customer’s portal for a tailored experience.
  • Managing certificates and attaching custom endorsements.
  • Automatically creating an activity so you don’t miss a beat.

Automatic Data Entry

Policyholder information populates automatically, meaning no more double entries. Everything in Applied CSR24 is trackable and auditable, making record-keeping easy. You’re always in control of the access you grant your clients, so if you’re not ready to offer a feature, you can keep it deactivated so your clients won’t see the option.

Automatic Alerts About Client Activity

Self-service doesn’t mean you lose control over your accounts. Automated alerts make it simple for your service team to track client actions and follow up when needed. Applied CSR24 frees your staff to focus on other agency incentives, like advising and account rounding.

View the On-Demand Workshop for Insider Tips

Whether you’re new to Applied CSR24 or a seasoned pro, the Exceeding Expectations with CSR24 on-demand workshop gives you strategies to increase productivity and help your agency stand out.

  • Becky Little

    Senior Content Writer, Applied

    Becky specializes in Property & Casualty Insurance for Applied Marketing Automation.