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Enhance Your Capabilities

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Applied TAM UK 2014, the latest UK version of the most widely used brokerage management system in the world, provides new capabilities to manage all client and policy administration and accounting functions across your business. With an enhanced user experience and streamlined workflows, you increase the productivity and efficiency of your brokerage.

Applied Systems is committed to delivering new products and greater expertise to the UK insurance market for brokers and insurers. The release of Applied TAM UK 2014 also adds seamless integration with first-to-market self-service and mobility applications coming to the UK in Q3 2014:

  • Applied CSR24, the leading online self-service application that enables insurance brokers to provide anytime, anywhere customer service.
  • Applied MobileProducer, the first independent broker mobile application designed specifically for insurance account executives to access and manage their client and prospect information via mobile tablet devices.
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Customised Brokerage Branding

Customise invoices and statements across multiple entities to increase branding and professionalism at all touch points with customers and external parties. Brokers can remove or reorganize data on invoices and statements with multiple templates, adding images, text boxes and styling.

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Customised Statements: Increase brokerage branding through customisable invoices.

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Enhanced Data Entry

Enhanced data entry expands the name field from 30 to 100 characters across all entities, providing system users flexibility to enter full business and trading names without abbreviations. Name information can be included on all documentation, including invoices and reports to improve your compliance practices.

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Expanded Fields: Improve compliance with the ability to enter full business and trading names.

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Integrated Postcode Lookups

Fully integrated postcode lookup is now available across all entities from the postcode field within the entity detail screen. End users now have the ability to select an address by simply entering a desired postcode. Once selected, full address information is populated for the desired entity, saving time and improving efficiency.

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Postcode Lookup: Drive efficiency through address selection with intuitive postcode lookup.

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Advanced Reporting and Search

Applications integrated into Applied TAM UK 2014 are now accessible from within the system as menu options to enhance the user experience for faster, more intuitive workflows.

Advanced Reporting now launches via the standard reports option for any brokerage utilising SQL reporting. The advanced reporting option complements the standard Applied TAM UK reporting suite, enabling endless Management Information (MI) capabilities and highlighting key areas and shifts in business direction.

Advanced Search allows end users to search on additional fields within Applied TAM UK 2014 such as client Postcode or Registration Number, straight from the main client search option.

The system is customisable to search on any field within the system, making the location of customer data and polices easier to find.

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Integrated Applications: Streamline workflows through intuitive access points to applications integrated into Applied TAM UK 2014.

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Online Self-Service and Mobility

Applied TAM UK 2014 seamlessly integrates with Applied CSR24 and Applied MobileProducer, allowing brokers to build stronger customer relationships and higher satisfaction with service through online and mobile channels. These first-to-market applications continue to be adopted rapidly in the United States and Canada and will be available to UK insurance brokers in Q3 2014.

Applied CSR24 is the leading online self-service application that enables insurance brokers to provide customers anytime, anywhere access to their insurance information through the Internet and mobile devices. It offers you a competitive advantage to meet the changing, multichannel customer service expectations of today’s policyholders.

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Online Self-Service: Provide better service by allowing your customers to access their insurance information anytime, anywhere through the Internet.

Applied MobileProducer is the first independent broker mobile application specifically designed for insurance account executives to access and manage client and prospect information via a tablet. With an intuitive interface, you have personalized, on-demand access to your data and productivity tools that enable you to increase sales, retention and customer satisfaction away from the office.

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Greater Mobility: Increase productivity and deliver better service with mobile access to your client data.

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Faster Client Searches

Streamline client information searches and ensure compliance with laws for maintaining insurance data with the added capability to designate clients as “inactive” and display only current clients. This new option reduces human error in attaching files to the wrong client, as only active clients are displayed by default in the eFiling workflow. Reporting also leverages this functionality, giving you the ability to select All Clients, Active Only or Inactive Only as part of your criteria.

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Client Searches: Streamline client information searches through inactive client options.

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Efficient File Attachment Management

Applied TAM UK 2014 enables brokerages to purge attachments without having to use a third-party document management system. The system creates more server space by purging documents no longer needed to fulfil legal obligations and also reduces the steps needed to add attachments to client files for more efficient workflows.

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Attachment Purge: Drive efficiency by purging old attachments from within Applied TAM UK 2014.


A New Way to Look at Applied TAM UK

From the start, you will notice Applied TAM UK 2014 is different. Development followed a simple, important design principle to create an easy-to-use system with familiar workflows for greater productivity. Form should follow function. When the two work in harmony, you create something beautiful.

Welcome to Applied TAM UK 2014.

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