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South Yorkshire


20 Years

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Employees: 45+
Offices: 5


Concerns of business continuity and incomplete data from separate, disparate systems

The Burley Group previously hosted its broker management system in their own on-premises servers, which became costly. Staff were concerned with business continuity in the event of a natural disaster, such as a flood. The business needed a more cost-effective solution that would protect its data at all times.

Additionally, the broker previously stored its client data in separate, disparate systems, causing an incomplete view of prospects and customers. “We needed our client data in one place in order to be more efficient,” said Michelle Bamford, finance director, The Burley Group. The broker needed a single management system that would enable them to access and manage a single view of the customer across all lines of business.

We put our customers first. Without Applied TAM, we wouldn’t be able to do that.

Michelle Bamford

Finance Director

Technology to connect the business and its customers

The Burley Group implemented Applied TAM, the industry’s pioneering broker management system, to gain a single view of prospect and customer data across all lines of business. Hosted in Applied Cloud, Applied TAM offers greater visibility into customers and day-to-day broker operations to reduce time spent on administrative tasks, decrease errors and omission risk, and better respond to customer needs.

The Burley Group also leverages Applied Mobile and Applied CSR24 to better serve customers. Applied CSR24, the leading cloud-based insurance customer self-service software, enables customers to access and manage their important insurance information anytime, anywhere. Applied Mobile allows staff to service clients whilst on the go via a mobile phone or tablet.


Digital transformation: Increasing customer retention rates and overcoming a flood

Applied TAM enables staff at The Burley Group to access and manage customer and prospect data in a single view across all lines of business, significantly increasing efficiency and customer service. Shortly after the broker moved to Applied TAM, the business suffered from a flood that damaged their office equipment. Staff were able to access all customer data and focus on clients that were also affected by the flood. “Because we were on Applied TAM, we were up and running as soon as we received new computers,” said Bamford. “We put our customers first. Without Applied TAM, we wouldn’t be able to do that.”

The Burley Group provides an enhanced customer experience through Applied CSR24 and Applied Mobile. Customers can now log into Applied CSR24 to access important insurance information and manage their own certificates, anytime, anywhere. “We are very proud of our 95 percent customer retention rate,” said Bamford. The Burley Group uses Applied CSR24 as a unique value proposition when attracting new customers because of the anytime, anywhere access to insurance documents. Applied Mobile enables brokers to service clients whilst out in the field, further increasing customer satisfaction. “Our producers are able to do their job in a much more productive way because of the real-time updates with Applied Mobile,” said Bamford. Seamlessly integrated with Applied TAM, staff can better service prospects and customers with on-demand access to critical broker resources and information. The Burley Group provides its customers an exceptional service experience and continues to gain new business and thrive in the digital era.

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