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The Product Advisory Community (PAC) is the premier place to share new ideas and provide input to existing ideas that can influence the direction of Applied’s product development.

Our new Community provides a modern, intuitive user experience designed to create more focused collaboration on specific product areas where your feedback will have the most significant impact.

There are two main differences between the old and new PAC:

  1. Your feedback will be focused on pre-defined strategic investment themes for the portfolio.
  2. The window for idea submissions will be time-locked for one month each quarter, repeated four times a year.

Key Benefits

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    Innovation-Focused Feedback Channels

    Collaboration and ideation will be focused on core product themes, pushing dialogue on new capabilities that can create meaningful value for you. Introducing product themes allows us to support collaboration and feedback for more products across our growing portfolio.

  • Communication and Tracking

    We want to keep you informed on the status of your ideas! Stay up to date on the progress of your submissions regularly, so you know where your idea is in the queue.

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    Modern, Intuitive User Experience

    Your ideas matter, and participating should be easy. A simpler user experience that makes it easy to search, comment, and add ideas. Intelligent search capabilities using keywords or descriptions allow quicker access to the right thoughts and eliminate duplicate ideas.

What’s New

You spoke, and we listened. The new PAC includes:

  • User Experience

    Modern layouts and intuitive user interfaces for searching, submitting ideas, and giving feedback.

  • Search

    Intelligent search capabilities using keywords or descriptions for faster access to the right ideas and eliminating duplicates.

  • Collaboration

    Enhanced collaboration processes for working through ideas and annual strategic product themes.

  • Notifications

    Improved status updates, capable of notifying you of recent changes.

See why the change to annual themes and how it plays into the roadmap, plus a brief demonstration of the new PAC.


Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve made updates to our Product Advisory Community to ensure the best possible user experience, giving you a simplified platform to share ideas on how we can further enhance existing products and introduce new features.

Do you have questions? We have answers! Here are some frequently asked questions about the new PAC Platform.

What is changing?

  • The vendor Applied uses to host our Product Advisory Community (PAC).

When is it changing?

  • The updated PAC will go live on 2.28.23. Idea submissions for the first quarter will open on 2.28.23 and close on 3.31.23.

Why is this changing?

  • The updated PAC provides a more intuitive user experience, increased collaboration between Applied & our customers, as well as more transparency on idea status updates.

How will I access the updated PAC?

  • The same way you have always accessed the PAC via the Applied Community. The link will be updated in accordance with our go live date. Be sure to delete any direct bookmarks you may have saved in your browser.

What is happening with my ideas submitted prior to the PAC being updated?

  • All requests and ideas entered over the last several years will be saved internally to continue being reviewed by the Product Management team. Depending on the theme for the quarter, we will review and incorporate as many of the existing requests as possible.

Historically, the ideas I submitted to the PAC did not seem to be taken seriously. Will this improve with the updated PAC?

  • Previously, the PAC set-up made it difficult to organize and manage incoming ideas, resulting in difficulty prioritizing for future product releases. The updated PAC provides improved functionality that allows for collaboration, research, and “scoring” of submitted ideas, allowing for consolidation and pursuit of these ideas. By providing a more structured approach to submitting feedback, Applied will be better positioned to evaluate and consider your suggestions.

I saw reference to the updated PAC involving “themes.” What does this mean?

  • In the updated PAC, you will be able to submit ideas relative to Applied’s major roadmap themes for the year. In other words, as Applied identifies how products will evolve, the PAC is your space to provide input on that evolution. As new topics are determined, they will be announced via email in advance. This approach gives you better line of sight on Applied's product roadmap and helps you to have a more direct impact with your suggestions.

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