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Everett Mead become a digital broker with Applied

Everett Mead Ltd. is a progressive broker, always looking for ways to improve the way the business is run. As technology has begun to change the insurance landscape, the broker realised the only way to stay competitive was to become a digital broker. Everett Mead selected Applied technology to digitally transform the business.

"Applied Systems ticks all of the boxes for us. If we hadn’t digitally transformed, we would have been left behind."

Dan McDonald

Commercial Director,
Everett Mead Ltd.


Digital technology is rapidly changing the insurance landscape, prompting consumers to demand better customer service. Everett Mead saw this demand and decided that if they didn’t innovate, the business would lag behind. “When we first started looking, digital transformation was a want,” explained Dan McDonald, commercial director, Everett Mead. “It soon transpired to a need. We needed to look at where the market was going and what our customers were wanting.”


Everett Mead chose to digitally transform the business with Applied technology. Applied TAM serves as their foundational management system, enabling all employees to manage day-to-day business operations in a single application. The broker also implemented Applied CSR24, the leading cloud-based insurance customer self-service software and Applied Mobile, the first insurance broker mobile application to bring customer, policy and sales insurance to mobile devices. To better connect with insurers, Everett Mead uses Applied Commercial Lines, enabling automated SME quoting across a range of insurers.

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Since implementing Applied software, Everett Mead has been able to consolidate all applications into a single, integrated system. “Applied Systems really does ensure that we act as a digital broker because they provide every single element to essentially offer a one-stop shop,” said McDonald. Applied TAM’s open architecture enables all employees to work in the system, creating one place for all information to be stored and accessed. “The system is designed to be a single system and because of that claims, accounting, sales, sales support, and compliance will all benefit from the system,” continued McDonald.

Digital technology has also provided Everett Mead the opportunity to better connect with its customers. “The dawn of mobile usage around the world means that we had to consider what we could implement for our clients,” explained McDonald. “We chose Applied Systems for the mobile applications and the 24/7 customer self-service portal that we could provide our staff and our clients.” Insurance consumers are demanding mobile and online service to access documents, file claims and more. Applied Mobile and Applied CSR24 enable the business to provide this anytime, anywhere service to customers.

Automated quoting of SME business that is integrated with Everett Mead’s broker management system allows employees to quickly quote across a range of insurers. “Commercial quoting with Applied TAM saves us over 50% of the time, compared to previous times,” said McDonald. “Historically, we had to go to numerous websites to get the same offering, it was just a time waster in truth.” Applied’s Commercial Lines panel presents one risk to multiple UK insurers and automates the quoting process, not only saving time, but ensuring customers receive the best coverage for their risk.

Using digital technology has enabled Everett Mead to fully transform the business. The broker benefits from a faster sales cycle, more efficiency in business operations and the ability to provide an enhanced customer experience. “Applied Systems ticks all of the boxes for us,” said McDonald. “If we hadn’t digitally transformed, we would have been left behind.”

About Everett Mead Ltd.

Everett Mead Ltd. is a family-owned insurance brokerage, specialising in Commercial, home and high-net-worth home insurance. In 2016 the company won Community Broker of the Year, sponsored by Aviva and the Small Business of the Year Award at the annual Pride of Stratford Awards.

Logo that reads "Everett Mead Your Personal Insurance Brokers"

Company Snapshot

Headquarters: Stratford Upon Avon
Founded in 2011
2 Offices

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