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Farmers & Mercantile enhance connectivity with the cloud

Using an on-premise system, Farmers & Mercantile experienced uneven connectivity between its four branches. Additionally, the business struggled with updates that took valuable time from employees during the day. The business chose to run its system on Applied Cloud, providing them with anytime, anywhere access and automatic updates.

"One main reason for switching to the cloud is the automatic updates. It is a seamless process now with notifications prior to update and the updates happen whilst we are out of the office. You come in Monday morning and they’re done."

Alexandra Wellings

Managing Director,
Farmers & Mercantile


Farmers & Mercantile Insurance Brokers required a solution to improve business operations after struggling with two main issues. Firstly, Farmers & Mercantile struggled with connectivity issues due to an on-premise system. With the server based out of one office, the other three offices experienced performance and other IT-related issues. Secondly, after a snow storm prevented employees from getting into the office, it was realised that having additional system access options were critical and would prevent any future business downtime. Farmers & Mercantile needed a digital solution that would allow them to access all business information anytime, anywhere.

Another issue employees regularly came across were manual updates to their software. Employees would have to take time out of their working day to allow updates to be made. The business needed a solution to update their software without disrupting normal business hours.


Farmers & Mercantile chose to run their broker management system on Applied Cloud, the only purpose-built cloud platform for the insurance industry. Applied Cloud provides the flexibility and scalability to enable enhanced business continuity protection and increased mobile access to business information, helping to drive business growth. Applied Cloud manages all maintenance and upgrades during out of office hours, minimising business disruption and allowing employees to focus on sales and customer service.


One of the largest problems for Farmers & Mercantile was that each office did not have the same capabilities, limiting the productivity of the business. “We switched to the cloud to give the same connectivity to all offices, and that was achieved,” said Alexandra Wellings, managing director, Farmers & Mercantile Insurance Brokers. Now all offices can access all customer and business information anytime, anywhere. Connectivity also helps the brokerage in terms of disaster recovery. “There were a few times, because of snow or other factors, where being on the cloud would have overcome the problem, which is why we switched,” explained Alexandra. Applied Cloud enables employees to work as normal and manage customers, especially when the broker is needed most – during a disaster.

Farmers & Mercantile can also focus on productivity because of automatic updates provided by Applied Cloud. “One of the main reasons for switching to the cloud are the automatic updates,” said Alexandra. “It is a seamless process now with notifications prior to update and the updates happen whilst we are out of the office. You come in Monday morning and they’re done.” Employees can now work without interruption and with the most up-to-date software.

Applied Cloud has brought Farmers & Mercantile into the digital future. The team can manage the business from any location, at any time, without being disrupted by IT-related issues. The business is now improving productivity and driving premium growth.

About Farmers & Mercantile

Farmers & Mercantile was established in 1996 and is one of the leading independent insurance brokerages specialising in farming in England, Scotland and Wales.

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Founded in 1996
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