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Medical Insurance Consultants implements the cloud for operational efficiency

The staff at Medical Insurance Consultants spent too much time on manual, administrative tasks, and needed a safer and easier way to store client information. After implementing Applied TAMCloud, employees experienced improved efficiency, increased data security and reduced the time spent managing IT-related issues.

"We were very impressed with Applied TAMCloud and the transformation our brokerage has experienced. Applied continuously innovates the software with system performance improvements, keeping us well positioned for future growth."

Vanessa Coombs

Administrative Director,
Medical Insurance Consultants


As Medical Insurance Consultants began outgrowing its paper-based office, performing daily operations became more cumbersome and time consuming. Brokers had to create numerous workarounds to access client data, and reporting was increasingly difficult.

Staff also faced the challenges of limited physical file storage space and spending time on duplicative, administrative work. “We were bursting at the seams with files and spending too much time managing a system that nullified efficiency,” said Vanessa Coombs, administrative director, Medical Insurance Consultants. Medical Insurance Consultants needed a system that would automate daily processes and enable staff to focus on the business of selling insurance.


Medical Insurance Consultants launched Applied TAMCloud, the world’s most widely used cloud-based broker management system. Applied TAMCloud provides Medical Insurance Consultants the ability to automate daily operational processes, management of client policy information and connectivity to insurers. Applied TAM is hosted in Applied Cloud, the only purpose-built cloud platform specific to the insurance industry. Applied Cloud is made up of data centres that are Tier III+ as defined by the Uptime Institute, with 99.95% uptime, enabling Medical Insurance Consultants to gain advanced business continuity.


Medical Insurance Consultants has significantly increased employee productivity and streamlined operations with Applied TAM. By utilising standardised workflows, accounting and reporting processes are more accurately and efficiently completed.

Applied Cloud allows staff to easily access client information with a simple Internet connection from any location, ensuring that employees can work whilst away from the office. Advanced data centre infrastructure ensures customer information is secure. Additionally, the company has business continuity protection in a hosted environment against natural disasters and other business disruptions.

System upgrades and back-ups are performed regularly by the Applied Cloud Services Team during off business hours, ensuring staff have more time to concentrate on the business and deliver better customer service. “We were very impressed with Applied TAMCloud and the transformation our business has experienced,” said Coombs. “Applied continuously innovates the software with system performance improvements, keeping us well positioned for growth and profitability.” Medical Insurance Consultants’ partnership with Applied enables the business to drive success through enhanced operational performance and advanced business continuity.

About Medical Insurance Consultants

For more than 30 years, Medical Insurance Consultants has provided insurance, benefits and liability protection for a range of healthcare professionals, from general and private practices, to clinics, hospitals and various other providers. The business has built its reputation on delivering informed, personalised service that caters to the unique needs of its clients.

Company Snapshot

Headquarters: Somerset, UK
Founded in 1985
12 employees

Software Leveraged

Applied TAM

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