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Commercial Lines

Enabling real-time Commercial Lines quoting across a range of insurers

Integrated with Applied Epic and Applied TAM, Applied’s Commercial Lines panel presents one risk to multiple UK insurers and automates quoting for a range of coverages, including Property Owners, Shop and Office, Tradespeople and Homeworkers.


Insurer Product Name Scheme Status
Tradesman Ageas Optima Trade and Professional  
Allianz Allianz Tradesman  
Axa AXA Trademan and Professionals Insurance  
QBE QBE Tradesman  
RSA RSA Tradespeople & Homeworkers  
Property Owners Ageas Optima Property Owners  
Allianz Allianz Property Owners  
Axa Commercial and Residential Landlords Insurance  
NIG NIG Property Owners Scheduled Q2 2017
QBE QBE Property Owners  
RSA RSA Properties  
Shop Ageas Ageas Shops  
Allianz Allianz Shops  
RSA RSA Shops  
Office Ageas Ageas Offices  
Allianz Allianz Offices  
RSA RSA Offices  
Mini Fleet Axa Axa Mini Fleet  
QBE QBE Fleet  
RSA RSA Mini Fleet  
CCI Allianz Allianz Commercial Combined Scheduled Q4 2017
QBE QBE Commercial Combined Scheduled Q4 2017
D&O Axa Axa Directors and Officers  
Truck (subject to Policyfast agency) Aviva Aviva Truck  
Axa Axa Truck  
Elite Elite Truck  
LV LV Truck  
RSA RSA Truck  
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