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Growing security fears and customer demands for more convenience

McParland Finn previously kept their servers on site with an on-premises broker management system. However, the business came under scrutiny from various capacity providers of their binding authority agreements, particularly in areas such as data security, penetration testing, data backup and disaster recovery. On-premises servers had also become costly, with more expensive software needed to accommodate business growth. McParland Finn needed a cloud solution that would ensure reliable handling of every business issue, as well as security and compliance. As the business grew, customer service demands also became an issue. Clients expected to be serviced outside of normal business hours, when it was convenient to them.

The Applied Cloud gave us the peace of mind and security we needed to move our business forward.

Martin Jackson


The switch to the largest global cloud platform for independent insurance brokers

McParland Finn ultimately chose to move their broker management system to Applied TAM, supported by Applied Cloud. Senior management was confident it was the best way to quickly grow and securely store and access data. The Applied Cloud is the largest global cloud platform for independent insurance brokers. More than 7,000 businesses and 100,000 users across four countries rely on Applied Cloud to securely run their businesses. McParland Finn was confident that Applied TAM would provide uninterrupted access to their data since the Applied Cloud offers 99.95% uptime and 24/7/365 data centre operations with continual monitoring to ensure business continuity. The Applied Cloud also enables staff to work outside of standard office hours to meet client demand for convenient service; they can access Applied TAM anytime, from anywhere.

Applied Cloud: Added peace of mind and the ability for anytime, anywhere customer service

McParland Finn leverages Applied Cloud to improve security, save time and costs, and increase business efficiency, whilst allowing staff to focus more on clients. The business stores all of its data in the Applied Cloud, providing advanced business continuity and anytime access to secure information. “The Applied Cloud gave us the peace-of-mind and security we needed to move our business forward,” said Martin Jackson, director, McParland Finn.

McParland Finn also saves a significant amount of time by hosting their management system on the cloud. Staff no longer have to maintain expensive servers or keep hardware up to date. Applied manages all hardware and software testing, maintenance and upgrades, ensuring McParland Finn runs at optimum levels. The business saves money annually, as servers no longer need to be upgraded. All upgrades occur virtually, either running in the background or outside of normal business hours.

The staff at McParland Finn now spend less time with IT issues, enabling them to focus more on providing exceptional service and selling insurance. “Our product advisors spend less time worrying about documentation and are able to spend more time on the clients,” said Jackson. Staff can easily store documents and data in the cloud and access it from anywhere via their laptops, tablets or mobile phones. McParland Finn leverages the cloud to provide service anytime, day or night. Before the cloud, McParland Finn Ltd was unable to offer this kind of service to its clients. “The cloud offers our clients the option to contact us outside of normal business hours,” said Jackson. “Applied plays a critical role in enabling us to provide the best service possible to our clients.”

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