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Commercial Lines

Enabling real-time Commercial Lines quoting across a range of insurers.

Integrated with Applied Epic and Applied TAM, Applied’s Commercial Lines panel presents one risk to multiple UK insurers and automates quoting for a range of coverages, including Property Owners, Shop and Office, Tradespeople and Homeworkers.

  • Tradesman
    • Insurer: Ageas
      Product Name: Optima Trade and Professional
    • Insurer: Allianz
      Product Name: Allianz Tradesman
    • Insurer: Axa
      Product Name:  AXA Trademan and Professionals Insurance
    • Insurer: NIG
      Product Name: NIG Tradesman
    • Insurer: QBE
      Product Name: QBE Tradesman
    • Insurer: RSA
      Product Name:  RSA Tradespeople & Homeworkers
  • Property Owners
    • Insurer: Ageas
      Product Name: Optima Property Owners
    • Insurer:  Allianz
      Product Name:  Allianz Property Owners
    • Insurer: Axa
      Product Name: Commercial and Residential Landlords Insurance
    • Insurer: NIG
      Product Name:  NIG Property Owners
    • Insurer: QBE
      Product Name: QBE Property Owners
    • Insurer: RSA
      Product Name: RSA Properties
  • Shop
    • Insurer: Ageas
      Product Name: Ageas Shops
    • Insurer: Allianz
      Product Name: Allianz Shops
    • Insurer: RSA
      Product Name: RSA Shops
  • Office
    • Insurer: Ageas
      Product Name: Ageas Offices
    • Insurer: Allianz
      Product Name: Allianz Offices
    • Insurer: RSA
      Product Name: RSA Offices
  • Mini Fleet
    • Insurer: Axa
      Product Name: Axa Mini Fleet
    • Insurer: QBE
      Product Name: QBE Fleet
    • Insurer: RSA
      Product Name: RSA Mini Fleet
  • CCI
    • Insurer:  Allianz
      Product Name: Allianz Commercial Combined
    • Insurer: QBE
      Product Name: QBE Commercial Combined
  • D&O
    • Insurer: Axa
      Product Name: Axa Directors and Officers
  • Truck
    Subject to Policy Fast Pay Agency
    • Insurer: Aviva
      Product Name: Aviva Truck
    • Insurer: Axa
      Product Name: Axa Truck
    • Insurer: Elite
      Product Name: Elite Truck
    • Insurer: LV
      Product Name: LV Truck

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