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Software Developer Paul Honoured at Ulster University by Winning the Dean’s Prize for Achievement

29 February 2016

Paul Connolly, a valued member of our eQuote team, first joined Relay in 2014

Paul first joined Relay for a 12 week placement, which was part of his Foundation Degree in Software Engineering at Belfast Metropolitan College

After performing exceptionally well during his placement, Relay offered Paul a permanent position and sponsorship for his BSC (Hons) degree in Computing Systems at Ulster University.

We are delighted to congratulate Paul on receiving the Dean’s Prize for achieving top marks and are very proud of his progress within Relay.

The part-time course has helped me in Relay as it has given me more confidence to use and talk about the technologies I am using. A combination of growing experience in Relay and the course content from university has enabled me to become more involved in decisions made in work and that has led to me being given more responsibility and freedom to complete work in Relay.”

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