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Update rates in real time and access the largest network of Ireland’s general insurance brokers to quickly launch new products and close new business. Applied Underwriter helps you manage all end-to-end insurance and underwriting processes, including policy issue, billing, service and premium accounting, so you can speed up submission processing and overall time to market.

Key Benefits

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    Find new business opportunities

    Access to more brokers means more opportunities to close new business. Find profitable relationships through the largest network of Ireland’s general insurance brokers to increase your bottom line.

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    Save time processing quotes and submissions

    Automation handles the manual tasks while you manage everything else. Take advantage of automation across all insurance and underwriting processes to keep your business productive and moving quickly.

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    Speed up time to market

    The faster you can update rate prices and policy wordings, the faster you can close new business. The dynamic rating engine allows you to make changes at a moment’s notice, giving you the highest level of underwriting control.


  • Account Reconciliation

    Make your work easier with single entry for customer, broker and company transactions and automated broker reconciliation statements. You can also keep track of customer premium accounts, your daily cashbook and cash allocation analysis.

  • Advanced Reporting

    Keep a close eye on Loss Ratio by Product/Agent, Claims Analysis, Triangulation Data and Carrier Bordereau and export any and all data to Excel for further interpretation by third-party reporting tools.

  • Broker Management

    Integration with Applied’s broker network means you get access to the largest network of Ireland’s general insurance brokers for end-to-end broker relationship management, including sales, distribution, accounting, claims, account reconciliation and policy administration.

  • Claims

    Support claims of all lines of business through to settlement with a comprehensive claims ledger and full reporting capability. You can make sure you meet your customers’ individual needs by making specific claims forms and code lists.

  • Document Management

    Automatically store all outgoing documents and communications and just as easily find them against customer, policy account or claim. eDoc exchange also lets you securely accept documents into your system.

  • Dynamic Rating Engine

    Easily update rates and policy wordings in real time. Also take advantage of complete policy fulfilment at the point of sales via your desktop or web applications.

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Applied is ready to help you learn more about leveraging advanced insurance software and solutions to build a better insurance business.