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Your business requires a technology foundation that can support all your day-to-day operations for all of your staff. Applied Relay is a management system that is an extension of your team, supporting all policy and servicing workflows, including eTrading activity across all personal lines and the efficient administration of all commercial lines products in a single application. The application also delivers a range of partner integrations and extended customer self-service capabilities, so data can easily move through your technology stack for more efficient employee operations and better customer service. By increasing automation and connectivity with Applied Relay, your brokerage can more effectively grow your book of business, reduce costs, and provide the best coverage and differentiated service to your customers.

Key Benefits

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    Use one system for all your business needs

    Measuring opportunity, productivity and success requires a single view of the business. You can manage the entire customer lifecycle management across all lines of business to maintain a single view of the customer, make sure productivity remains high and provide the highest level of service while supporting cross-sell/upsell growth.

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    Keep your customers protected

    Your customers deserve the best coverage. Access the widest market access to personal and commercial lines products to make sure your customers get the right product at the right price.

  • Rely on 24/7 access

    Your customers rely on you when they need it most – so you can’t risk your business being “down.” We keep you protected by keeping your software in the industry's largest purpose-built cloud on the globe, which provides you the highest performance, data security and support than any other provider.


  • Manage All Lines of Business

    Managing all lines of business in a single application reducing the time and cost spent managing and training staff across multiple disparate systems while maintaining a single view of your business.

  • Process Management and Automation

    Automated workflows to provide a consistent user journey, increasing automation and reducing administration time whilst also providing support for new starters.

  • Document Management

    You can create, manage, and organise secure documents according to your business process guidelines. Market access and insurer connectivity: Comprehensive real time access to all personal lines products with additional pricing tools also being available for further broker pricing manipulation.

  • Insurer Connectivity

    Drive better connectivity with Insurer Partners with Applied eDocs providing automated policy document exchange for all lines of business, eliminating manual processes, paper and postage costs.

  • Reporting and Data Analytics

    Obtain powerful real-time data to provide clearer insight to support strategic business decisions, improve productivity and drive profitability.

  • Insurance-Built Cloud

    Delivers security, stability and scalability to support your business - allowing you to trade without disruption no matter when and no matter where. With the highest level data encryption security, you can rest easy knowing your business is protected.


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Before digital technology, Creane & Creane Insurance struggled with manual processes that often took a lot of time. Learn how the broker automated their workflows, saved time and maximised productivity using Applied Relay.

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