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Manage your rates in real-time to provide competitive pricing. Leverage a single point of entry to update all rates for your Applied brokers. Test range changes prior to going live and benefit from a full audit trail of all changes and quotes delivered. Applied Rating Hub™ provides real-time rate, referral and discount management to break your business from the standard of inception-based monthly rate releases.

Key Benefits

  • An electric blue document icon showing a checklist overlapping another document

    Automate quote processes

    Retrieve motor quotations for participating insurers in real time and generate point-of-sale documentation via the quote engine.

  • An upward trending line graph above a bar graph with a blue pie chart overlapping the bottom right corner of the bar graph

    Gain data-driven business insights

    Access business analysis reporting on risk data extracted from all quotes stored via the rating service.

  • A laptop icon with an electric blue screen and a large arrow pointing upwards

    Support rating self-service

    Upload each motor scheme details into the system to enable self-service rating.

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Applied is ready to help you learn more about leveraging advanced insurance software and solutions to build a better insurance business.