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Brokers and financial advisors set themselves apart by their advisory services, and to sell that value means actively marketing and prospecting new and potential clients. Applied WealthTrack is a leading cloud-based CRM for financial advisers and brokers that combines powerful client and policy management features with class-leading sales tracking and reporting. It helps you to stay compliant with bespoke product-based compliance checklists. It also allows you to provide your customers 24/7 access to their portfolios to stay up to date policy values from all the major life offices. Get rid of the manual customer management processes and take advantage of a centralised client, document and policy management, compliance and marketing solution to increase sales and drive a more profitable business.

Key Benefits

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    Rely on one system

    You shouldn’t be wasting time processing paper and jumping between systems. Have a single view of your clients and prospects to quickly and easily profile and segment them to target the right opportunities.

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    Build a strong pipeline

    A strong pipeline has a healthy mix of renewal and new prospects to keep the pipeline building. Manage and track client communication, tasks, activities and time spent working on the client file, complete with email and SMS message integration.

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    Automate policy updates and compliance

    Stay connected to all major life offices to update policy values and automate policy update notifications to clients. All of your meeting and engagements will be tracked, and integrated checking services ensure you stay compliant at all times.

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    Simplify sales operations

    Sales operations can be time consuming when reconciling data across different systems and manual paperwork. Remove that burden and manage sales commissions and payment schedule with ease and take advantage of full reporting for commission reconciliation.


  • Customer Management

    Easily manage Tasks and Activities for you and your teams from one location. Data feeds from all major life offices gives you up-to-date values and benefits for all client policies in one place.

  • Document Management

    Integrated document scanning makes client documents instantly available from a single repository. Secure cloud storage allows advisers and admin staff to access essential client documents anywhere, anytime. End-to-end secure document generation and digital signing solution with world leader DocuSign completely automates preparing, signing and management of documents.

  • Customer Engagement

    Secure client portal that allows your customers and prospects to pre-populate a full Fact Find and Risk Profiler then log in and see their entire portfolio (with automatic asset allocation and fund performance charts). In-depth client marketing, segmentation and communication tools make it possible for you to easily reach out to your customers (and prospects) via text, email or run mail merge letters to any of your selected client groups.

  • Reporting

    Powerful sales tracking and reporting capabilities for you and your teams, including automated client and management reports on a monthly or quarterly basis. Fully branded Portfolio Reports can be generated in one click, then encrypted and emailed directly to clients.

  • Compliance

    Full compliance tracking for all meetings, calls and advice given to clients. Integrated Sanction Checking service with data updated weekly from the EU and UN databases, plus a PEP checking solution from Stubbs Gazette.

  • Mobile Connectivity

    Manage and track client communication and activities on the go. Create powerful client segmentation and interactive marketing campaigns with email, SMS and mail merge. Proactively manage record keeping, reporting and robust audit trails that support regulatory compliance. Applied WealthTrack™ connects you to client information when out of the office to update prospect information and manage contacts, activities and sales pipeline anytime, anywhere.

What's New

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    Zurich Life Risk Profile Questionnaire
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    Expanded Integration with Microsoft Office 365
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    Quote for Whole of Life Products
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    WealthTrack ARF Scenario Modeler
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    New Ireland Broker Integration

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Like many brokers, BHP Insurances struggled with manual, administrative tasks that took time away from advising customers. Learn how the brokerage used technology to make operations and customer service processes easier and faster. 

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