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In our new hybrid-working world, making sure your team stays connected to information in your management system wherever they are is important. Give your team the ability to service customers anytime, anywhere with on-demand access to a single, up-to-date view of customer and business information at the touch of an icon. Our broker mobile application Applied Mobile® is the first of its kind in our industry. It releases your team from their desks and allows them to access and manage customer, prospect and overall business information in your management system whilst on the go via a smartphone or tablet. Tap into your Applied management system and give your team the flexibility to do their job anytime, anywhere whilst driving employee satisfaction, retention and cost savings.

Key Benefits

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    Give your team flexibility to work on the go

    Release your employees from their desks and the 9 to 5 servicing constraints. By giving your team mobile access to the information in your management system, you empower them with the information they need to work anytime, anywhere.

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    Serve your customers when and how they want

    Elevate your role as a trusted advisor by servicing customers where they are. The app lets you see a list of your clients, view active policies, look up documents and initiate policy changes whilst out in the field.


  • On-Demand Access to Information

    View contacts, opportunities and attachments anytime, anywhere with direct access to information in your broker management system from your mobile phone or tablet. With Applied Mobile, you have on-demand access to the information you need, whenever you need it so you can serve customers whilst away from the office.

  • Native Mobile Capabilities

    Work more efficiently by using mobile native applications, like maps, to pinpoint nearby locations for impromptu meetings and communication channels to call or send email and instant messages to clients, prospects and colleagues.


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Delivering fast and superior customer service was a top priority for BHP Insurances. Learn how the brokerage is able to respond to customers anytime, anywhere with a mobile app for brokers.

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