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Student from Northern Regional College’s Foundation Degree in Computing Wins Technical Challenge

15 June 2016

Student Gary Holmes has won the technical challenge set by Relay

We are delighted to announce that Gary Holmes, a student from the Foundation Degree in Computing course has won the technical challenge set by Relay during a recent seminar at the college.

The challenge required students to analyse a problem and develop an effective solution. The aim was to develop their problem solving skills and programming ability.

“It is a great opportunity for our students to apply the skills they have developed throughout the Foundation Degree course to a real world challenge offered by Relay Software. This will allow them to contextualise their course and get feedback on their effort related to the current industry standards.” ~ Jennifer Hyndman, Foundation Degree in Computing course director from Northern Regional College

“The enthusiasm and passion from computing students at the seminar was exceptional. I came to Relay on a placement from Belfast Met back in 2014, and was subsequently offered a full-time position with the company upon graduation. During the placement I was part of a thriving team of software development professionals, working on live software applications, which allowed me to build on my technology skills and expedite my learning. As part of my continuing professional development and their ‘Earn as You Learn’ scheme, Relay is currently fully funding my part time BSC Honours Degree in Computing Systems at the Ulster University. Relay is an ambitious, market leading business focused on its people. A work based placement with us would be a smart career move for anyone serious about a career in the industry. We look forward to having multiple students on the team and growing our relationship with the Northern Regional College.” ~ Paul Connolly, Junior Software Developer from Relay Software

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