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The Digital Brokerage Questionnaire

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Insurance is going digital, transforming brokers with new ways of doing business to grow and thrive. In this new reality, it’s more important than ever to have a digital strategy.

Take this questionnaire to find out if your business is ready for the digital future of insurance.

The Digital Brokerage Questionnaire

Business men and women on the move

Does your entire business use one, integrated management system that provides a single view of your brokerage across all locations?

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Does your management system manage both P&C and Benefits lines of business?

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Does your management system allow you to automate and measure sales pipeline?

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Are your operations standardised around efficient, best practice workflows and reporting for all brokerage staff?

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Can your brokerage quickly analyse large volumes of data to make better decisions about staffing, insurer risk placements, revenue trends and new business opportunities?

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Does your brokerage exchange information with insurers directly through your management system?

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Does your brokerage use Real-Time Rating for both commercial and personal lines of business?

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Is brokerage staff mobile-enabled? Can they access client, policy and sales information anytime, anywhere to conduct business and service clients whenever needed?

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Do your customers have on-demand, 24/7 access to their policy information from a computer, tablet and smartphone?

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Do your business’s software applications run in the cloud?

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Does your brokerage have a business continuity plan in the event of a disaster?

The Digital Brokerage Questionnaire

Business men and women on the move

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