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Applied Motor

The product of choice for all brokers selling motor insurance

  • Complete market coverage available for your customers
  • Rebroke existing and potential private motor policies with ease

Applied Motor offers an unrivalled range of insurers and full-cycle EDI schemes, making it the product of choice for all brokers selling motor insurance. With approximately 85% of Irish brokers accessing the system on a daily basis, insurers and underwriters know they have a reliable distribution channel to sell their products.

Key Benefits

By including Applied eQuote and Self Service, motor policies can be sold and administrated directly by the policy, and you can keep the cost of transactions as low as possible with increased processing efficiency. We currently support 16 of Ireland’s leading insurers, and have more than 60 private motor schemes including a number of exclusive products. With premiums rising, make sure you have the right solution to compete.

Applied Motor includes:

  • Full-Cycle Motor: New business premium and referral override; permanent and temporary MTAs; automatic renewal re-broke; complete policy and risk history
  • Electronic Payment Delivery: Payment card industry (PCI) compliant; credit and debit card processing; deferred and recurring payments; paperless direct debits
  • Vehicle Registration Matching: Retrieve vehicles accurately and reduce operator entry time; process substitutions and underwrite effectively

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