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Make sure your customers get the right coverage they need for your commercial risks using powerful forms to find and compare quotes. Applied Commercial make commercial quoting faster by automating quoting workflows and integrating with your back-office solution, eliminating the manual rekeying of information across applications. When you need something more bespoke, Applied Commercial allows you to customise out-of-the-box template classes of business so your customer is always covered.

Key Benefits

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    Give your customers choice

    There are so many coverage options out there. Make sure you can see all the available options so you can find the right one. See the largest range of products to make sure you find the right coverage for your customer’s specific risk.

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    Stop wasting time typing the same thing again and again

    Time spent rekeying information across different applications is time that could be spent on revenue generating activities. Instead, your business needs seamless integration with your back-office solution to automatically route workflows and create proposals.

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    Find new business opportunities and keep your sales workflows connected

    Your customers are your best prospects. Take advantage of automated marketing capabilities, including online quoting and binding, as well as seamless integration with your back-office solution to find cross-sell opportunities.


  • Full-Cycle Comparative Quotation and Point of Sale

    Give your customers options for standard or bespoke coverage through real-time pricing and fulfilment. Once coverage is agreed on, Applied Commercial automatically creates electronic submission documents and schedules for you to send to customers and store for future reference. Fully integrated with Applied Relay, you can move on to policy administration and accounting without ever leaving the system.

  • Policy Document Management

    Save time and focus on other revenue-generating activities as Applied Home allows you to collect structured risk data and automatically pre-fills that data into customer proposals, schedules and other policy documentation.

  • Product Builder

    Customise products easier by creating custom data collection screens, calculating premiums and applying endorsements on your desktop or online within your website.

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