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Access the widest range of home products to make sure your customers get the coverage that is right for them. Applied Home compares prices using a short question set that takes all rating factors into account so you can quickly give a quote to your prospect. Applied Home integrates with Applied Relay, allowing you to easily move on to the policy fulfilment and documentation process and quickly close the sale.

Key Benefits

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    Give your customers choice

    There are so many coverage options out there. Make sure you can see all the available options so you can find the right one. See the largest range of products to make sure you find the right coverage for your customer’s specific risk.

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    Stop wasting time typing the same thing again and again

    Time spent rekeying information across different applications is time that could be spent on revenue generating activities. Instead, your business needs seamless integration with your back-office solution to automatically route workflows and create proposals and certificates.

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    Find new business opportunities and keep your sales workflows connected

    Your customers are your best prospects. Take advantage of automated marketing capabilities, including online quoting and binding, as well as seamless integration with your back-office solution to find cross-sell opportunities.


  • Address Verification

    Geo-code lookup ensures that you make no mistake when keying in information to the system so that all postage makes it to the correct policyholder and products are priced accurately.

  • Detailed Product Comparison

    See all fixed and percentage products, product excesses and benefits, and a detailed premium breakdown when quoting for home coverage to make sure the quote is right for your prospect.

  • Instant Policy Documentation

    Email a PDF of the SOF/proposal to your customer right at the point of quotation as the document is also automatically stored for future reference. The policy number and schedule are then available when the cover begins.

  • Full-Cycle Processing

    Take advantage of all full-cycle processing capabilities within the system, including new business premium and referral override; permanent and temporary mid-term adjustments; automatic renewal re-broke; and complete policy and risk history.

  • Electronic Payment Delivery

    Use credit and debit card processing for premium, deferred and recurring payments that are Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliant. You can also offer your customers paperless direct debits to make paying easier each month.

  • Quote Management

    Automatically store quotes from outbound telephone and marketing campaigns so you can stay on top leads and quickly convert them to customers.

Ready to Learn More?

Applied is ready to help you learn more about leveraging advanced insurance software and solutions to build a better insurance business.