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Easily rebroke current and potential private motor policies and make sure your customers are completely covered. Applied Motor has the widest range of insurers and full-cycle EDI schemes, which is why more than 85% of Irish brokers access the system every day.

Key Benefits

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    Save time on document production

    Make batch documents based on pre-defined rules and the chosen motor scheme, as well as automatically send customer reminders to make sure documents are returned on time.

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    Keep your customers longer

    Make your renewal process easier by using pre-configured information to quickly renew business and run reports.

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    Secure more new customers

    Create a batch of letters for multiple customers to show what this year’s Motor premium could be based on risk details you already have saved.


  • Full-Cycle Motor

    Take advantage of new business premium and referral override, permanent and temporary MTAs, automatic renewal re-broke, and complete policy and risk history.

  • Vehicle Registration Matching

    Easily find accurate vehicle information and save entry time, while also using process substitutions and underwriting.

  • Electronic Payment Delivery

    Stay Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliant; use credit and debit card processing; take deferred and recurring payments, and paperless direct debits.


Hear What Our Customers Say

When AA Ireland looked to switch management systems, the brokerage learned that taking on software with Applied Relay meant a partnership to help grow the business. Learn how AA Ireland consolidated systems and serve customers better with Applied Relay.

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