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Applied Relay Benefits

Provide customer payment options

Applied Relay offers a variety of seamless options for you to collect customer payments. Our Payments module automatically updates the client account posting the payments received. Receipts and supporting documentation are generated and saved within the client portfolio. Applied eQuote includes the option to accept online payments from existing and new clients.

Integrate with the Microsoft® Office Suite

Automatically record all client emails within the client portfolio in Microsoft Outlook; create and manage policy documents, letters, invoices and schedules in Microsoft Word; and export reports and data into Microsoft Excel to enable detailed and tailored analysis.

Manage underwriters

End-to-end accounting from broker/agent to insurer; produce professional broker/agent statements; deliver detailed electronic Bordeau reports for insurers; automatic reconciliation of transactions.

Standardise management and financial reporting

Out-of-the-box management and financial reporting; export results to chosen format including Excel and PDF; automatic scheduler allows results to be emailed at any chosen date and time; all reports stored for future reference.

Automate document management

Automatic indexing and storage of outgoing documents; scan, index and track incoming documentation; retrieve documents with ease against client, policy account or claim.

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