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In today’s technology-fueled insurance industry, odds are you are using different applications to manage different types of business – and that’s ok. What’s not ok is when your different applications don’t talk to each other, leaving you to rekey information and wasting precious time you could be using to service your customers and grow your business.

Instead, your business needs powerful cloud-based solution to quickly capitalise on new business opportunities, maximise efficiency, deliver better customer service and increase connectivity with brokers.

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Why a Single View Matters to Your Business

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    Break free from inception-based monthly rate releases

    Get real-time rate, referral and discount management all in one place. Leverage a single point of entry to update all rates for your Applied brokers.

  • Control pricing in real time and accelerate time to market

    Manage underwriting from end to end. Seamlessly access the largest network of Ireland’s general insurance brokers to quickly launch new products and expedite submission processing.

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    Grow your business

    Provide the best products and services with richer risk data. Quote services for brokers and insurers across all business lines and distribution channels.

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Applied is ready to help you learn more about leveraging advanced insurance software and solutions to build a better insurance business.