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Applied Rating Hub

An insurer solution to reduce points of failure​ and improve speed to market

  • Real-time referral and discount management
  • Rich reporting and detailed quote analysis

The Rating Hub exposes a set of functions enabling you to upload rates files, run tests against the uploaded rates, and commit the tested rates changes to the live system. A test environment provides a staging area and functional copy of the live system.

Key Benefits

A copy of the motor quotes service is accessible via a different client and alternative log-on credentials and the rating files can only be updated to live by authorised insurer personnel. Rates management functionality provides maintenance and auditing of the process. Each rates update attracts a unique version number that will be returned with the quote enabling a quotation to be traced back to the user who deployed the scheme change.

Applied Rating Hub allows your business to:

  • Test all rate changes before committing to live
  • Use a single update to deliver rates to all Applied brokers
  • View policies accepted in real time
  • Break from the standard of inception-based monthly rates releases
  • Have a full audit trail of all changes and quotes delivered

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