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In today’s technology-fueled insurance industry, odds are you are using different applications to manage different types of business – and that’s ok. What’s not ok is when your different applications don’t talk to each other, leaving you to rekey information and wasting precious time you could be using to service your customers and grow your business.

Instead, your business needs an open platform that integrates full-cycle eTrading and e-commerce products to manage all your business in one application.

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Why a Single View Matters to Your Business

  • White outline of a woman with three vertical lines above her head and an orange hand icon below it.

    Grow your business

    Everything you need to successfully manage your business is in one place.

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    Cut costs and save time

    Stop wasting time and money switching between systems or using applications that don’t speak to each other.

  • Do business faster and easier

    Automate many of the policy management, accounting, document management, and reporting and reconciliation processes.


What the Numbers Say

  • 35%

    higher revenue per employee for brokerages that have a single view of customers

    Source: Applied Systems

  • 30%

    loss in productivity from switching between non-connected systems

    Source: American Psychological Association

  • 63%

    of companies that use integrated sales automation outgrow their competitors

    Source: Pedowitz Group


BHP Insurances

Using technology to automate manual tasks, BHP Insurances can keep its focus on customers. Learn how automation saves the brokerage time so its employees are able to focus more on advising and servicing customers.

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