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We live in an always-on digital world. And whether you like it or not, your customers and employees have been shaped by how they interact with technology in their everyday lives. Instant information, flexibility, and 24/7 access is the new norm.  

Provide the digital experience your customers expect and the flexibility your employees want. Digitally transform your brokerage to provide a better customer experience, increase employee retention and grow your book of business.   


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Key Benefits

  • A diagram with a woman in the center and arrows circulating around her pointing to a blue cloud, a blue building, a blue laptop, and a  blue smart phone

    Reduce IT management and expenses

    Focus on the business of selling insurance instead of IT. Cloud-based technology means your technology is always up to date and secure.

  • An icon with a blue hand under an outline of a woman with three vertical lines above her head

    Improve customer retention and acquisition

    Today’s insurance customers want to interact with your business on their terms, whether that’s online, in person or on the phone. Give them a frictionless experience no matter which channel they choose. 

  • A gear symbol and a circular money icon above a downward pointing blue arrow

    Save time and money

    Simplify your business processes with automation – from back-office accounting to front-office sales – to reduce your operating costs. Make better informed business decisions with valuable insights across your book of business. 

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    Increase employee productivity and satisfaction

    Fewer clicks equal more productivity. Make it easier for your employees to access account and policy details, complete a quote, file a claim and more in a system that provides an online experience similar to other apps and online services they use every day. 


What the Numbers Say

  • 144%

    increase in revenue per employee

    Source: Applied Digital Broker Survey

  • 60%

    higher profits for prioritizing customer experience

    Source: Salesforce

  • 37%

    increase in employee morale

    Source: Altimeter Report


What It Takes To Be a Digital Broker

Hear how BHP Insurances has digitally transformed its business and what it means to be a digital broker.

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