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Applied WealthTrack

​​​​Better manage client relationships with a comprehensive software solution for financial professionals

  • Fast and easy-to-use workflows to streamline administration processes
  • Complete visibility and control over sales, clients, staff productivity and fees

Applied WealthTrack is used by life and pension practitioners and financial advisor professionals – QFA, CFP, direct sales team advisers and managers, administration staff, accounts staff, and compliance officers. Applied WealthTrack provides a client-centred process that measures lead generation, sales pipeline management, fact finding, client management, productivity and revenue generation. It includes full CRM capability (sales and marketing management, activities, tasks, policy management), a comprehensive management reporting (sales pipeline, client fact find, time management, financial reports), simplified compliance tracking and has desktop and mobile versions available. Access Applied WealthTrack anytime, anywhere online or via mobile device.

Key Benefits

Applied WealthTrack allows life and pension practitioners and financial advisor professionals to:

  • Enhance client relationships through accurate fact finds, effective CRM and document management
  • Streamline administration processes so focus can be given to clients for lead generation and sales tracking
  • Benefit from comprehensive reporting and time monitoring features for fee justification and invoicing
  • Access simplified compliance tracking to ensure that regulatory requirements are met

See what our customers say

"Very quickly Applied WealthTrack will show you where the gaps in your sales process are."

Stephen Gillmor
Director of Financial Services

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Applied WealthTrack

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