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The pitfalls of managing multiple systems and the changing expectations of today's consumers

Hill & Hamilton leveraged different agency management systems in each one of its five offices across Ohio, as well as additional CRM software and other processes, causing inefficient work and inconsistent data across the applications. The agency set out to bring all operations and data into one central location via a single management system. Management at Hill & Hamilton also saw that they needed to cater to customers’ changing expectations. “In terms of the customer expectations and the customer experience, we always wanted to be able to deliver what they expected, including mobile access to information and 24/7 support,” said Matt Simon, vice president, Hill & Hamilton Insurance and Financial Services. In order to stay relevant as an agency, they knew they would need software to enable a premium customer experience.

Digital transformation isn’t about replacing people. It's about realigning the resources that we have so that our people can be in a better position to do the things that we pay them to do. That’s where the opportunity exists for a true digital transformation in our industry.

Matt Simon

Vice President


The decision to transform with the digital agency

Hill & Hamilton decided to transform their business strategy to standardize operations across all office and roles and provide omnichannel customer service. Applied Epic, the fastest growing and most widely used management system in the world, serves as their operational foundation to manage all locations and all lines of business in a single application. The agency also increased mobile access to information for staff and insureds with Applied Mobile, the first insurance agent mobile application to bring client, policy and sales information to mobile devices, and Applied CSR24, the leading cloud-based insurance customer self-service software. Additionally, Hill & Hamilton increased insurer connectivity through IVANS to more quickly access markets, obtain accurate quotes, and automate servicing via download.

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    Applied Epic

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  • Applied Mobile

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    Applied CSR24

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Digital transformation: Not about replacing people, it's about doing more with the same time

Applied technology has enabled Hill & Hamilton to bring all staff across all lines of businesses in to a single system. “One of the benefits we saw with Applied Epic is the fact that we were able to combine both our CRM into our agency management system,” said Matt Simon, vice president, Hill & Hamilton Insurance Company. “Now we can manage the lifecycle of a client from the time they become a prospect through the time that they become a client and years beyond.” Additionally, while the agency can track clients through the insurance lifecycle, they can also deliver premium customer service through an online portal and mobile apps.

In connecting with insurer partners, Hill & Hamilton put a strong emphasis on leveraging technology to spend less time in communication with insurers and administrative work, and focus more time on servicing customers. “The better connected that an insurer is to our agency, the more accurate the information is that they push down to us,” said Simon. “This allows our associates to spend less time doing that type of transactional work.” Insurer connectivity enables download to be received directly into Applied Epic, eliminating paper-based policy management to increase operational efficiency.

Going through a digital transformation has ultimately enabled Hill & Hamilton to grow the business. “Digital transformation isn’t about replacing people,” said Simon. “It's about realigning the resources that we have so that our people can be in a better position to do the things that we pay them to do. That’s where the opportunity exists for a true digital transformation in our industry.”

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