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In today’s fast-moving world, data is king. Gone are the days when agencies could afford to rely on manually-created, static spreadsheets to make important business decisions.

Instead, harness the power of data. Real-time data analysis puts the power of your management system in your hands. Track and analyze metrics that matter most to your business and make smarter data-driven business decisions to drive productivity, identify the most profitable business opportunities, strengthen market relationships, and provide insights on performance relative to peers.


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Why Real-Time Data Matters to Your Business

  • Two data sheet icons with an arrow pointing from each sheet to the other showing data conversion

    Use data to always be in the know

    Applied makes the data from your management system accessible through powerful visualizations that are tailored to help your staff answer their most common business questions.

  • An icon of a dark blue building with a male icon at the bottom left and a black arrow curved around the building, pointing from the male to a woman icon on the top right corner of the building

    Focus on the right client and partner relationships

    Get data-driven insights that will increase the profitability of your client and partner relationships. Know exactly which lines of business are the most profitable and which partners are the most responsive.

  • A family tree chart with a woman icon at the top connected to her two parents below

    Know how you compare to your peers

    Be more competitive with access to real-time industry benchmark data. Powered by more than a million policies, compare your policies to policies with similar details to see where yours stack up.

  • An upward trending line graph above a bar graph with a blue pie chart overlapping the bottom right corner of the bar graph

    Run your business more efficiently

    Understand performance trends, organizational productivity, and other critical business drivers scoped for the specific needs and objectives of various leader and user roles.


What the Numbers Say

  • 5X

    more likely to make faster decisions than their peers

    Source: Bain & Company

  • 20%

    more profitable and 110% more valuable than their less analytically driven peers

    Source: Gartner

  • 60%

    higher revenue per employee for agencies that leverage data analytics

    Source: Applied Digital Agency Annual Report


Unlock the Data Goldmine for Every Insurance Agency Role

Read our Unearth the Power of Data Analytics eBook for steps on how to make business intelligence work at your agency and tech recommendations to become more data-driven.

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