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Traditional benefits planning has been complicated, but software is simplifying the conversation by clearly visualizing benefits in real time. Guide your customers to the right healthcare decisions and reduce the back-and-forth conversations by presenting data the way employers want to see it. Applied Benefits Designer™ allows you to model and compare various benefits plan options in real time so that you can help your clients make the right decisions – all in one meeting. Plus, only our benefits plan modeling solution sets you apart from your peers by empowering you with real-time quoting. Eliminate time-consuming spreadsheets and static presentations and step into digital plan modeling to increase efficiency, accuracy, and level of client support.

Key Benefits

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    Elevate your role as a trusted advisor

    Foster big-picture, strategic benefits conversations to help clients maximize their budget and make faster, better decisions. In doing so, you effectively show the value of your consultation.

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    Keep your customers happy and more coming through the door

    More quickly secure new and renewal benefits business with the ability to rapidly model innovative benefits plans in a clear, visual format that’s easily understood by customers.

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    Help your team get more done in less time

    Streamline operations to turn hours of work into minutes, as well as reduce the number of renewal meetings necessary for a final decision. It’s a win-win. 


  • Management System Integration

    Make sure your entire team is on the same page. Direct integration with Applied Epic means actions taken within Applied Benefits Designer are clearly tracked in Applied Epic so front-office and back-office activities are always synced.

  • Plan Comparisons

    Create interactive presentations that instantly highlight the difference between plans. Move from high-level overviews to detailed plan comparisons with a few clicks to see the immediate impact of each plan design change.

  • Real-Time Cost Updates

    Provide unique cost-saving measures on-the-spot during meetings. The application automatically adjusts plans based on a defined contribution or budgeted amount for both large and small groups.

  • Funding Options Modeling

    Model the impact of different funding vehicles including HSA contributions, deductible and co-insurance HRA, and utilization projections. The ability to manipulate each plan live clearly illustrates the impact of each change on the employer and its employees.

  • Instant Proposal Generation

    Generate professional, customized branded proposals in minutes. Store medical, Rx and ancillary plans in your database for reuse later without redundant data entry.

  • Community Rating

    Remove the complexity from Community Rating premium structures. By streamlining the process, you save time and make it easier for your clients to understand.

  • Self-Funding

    Simplify your self-funding conversations. Easily explain this alternative funding strategy with side-by-side comparisons and show employers how changing variables affect their plans in real time.


Hear What Our Customers Say

Employees at The Benefit Company were used to presenting renewals using a 4-inch thick binder, but this approach prevented account managers from making changes to renewal plans on the fly. Learn how the brokerage is able to eliminate paper with a modern solution that allows them to model and compare various benefit plan options in real time.

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