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How Digital Are You?

Technology is changing the way we live and work. We are experiencing a more connected life in a more connected world. These connected experiences are impacting insurance consumers’ expectations. To meet these expectations, our industry must deliver a connected experience between all participants in the insurance ecosystem, which requires adopting and leveraging modern technologies.

Answer the questions below to get your agency’s digital score, and see how it compares with the national average.

Your Organization

What is your email address?*

What state is your company located?*

What is the size of your agency? (revenue)*

Approximately how many total employees do you have?*


Management System

Does your organization use an agency management system?*

Which of the following capabilities are you leveraging in your management system? Check all that apply.

Do you offer eSignature functionality to your clients?*



Is your software hosted in the cloud versus on-premises servers?*


Data Analytics

Do you use a business intelligence tool to gain business insights from your agency management system data? (i.e. Access graphical reports to view performance metrics and KPI analysis over time)*


Carrier Connectivity

Does your organization receive Personal Lines download?*

Does your organization receive Commercial Lines download?*

Does your organization receive eDocs and Messages?*

Does your organization receive Claims download?*

Are you a registered user of IVANS Exchange?*

Does your organization use IVANS Real-Time?*



Does your agency have a cloud-based client self-service portal?*

Does your organization provide a mobile app to your clients?*

Can your staff interact with your management system outside the office via their mobile device to review accounts, add prospects etc.?*