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Certificate Processing Calculator

Insured Issued Certs Expected?Number of proofs of insurance documents you could expect your clients to issue on their own through self-service based on the size of your agency. Transactions include obtaining Auto ID cards, ACORD 24 and ACORD 25 forms, and other certificates of insurance via self-service. Data is based on information from current Applied CSR24 users.


Average non-form requests via self-service?Number of requests that do not result in a document. Transactions include request to change a policy, add a driver, etc. These requests are electronically communicated to the account owner at the agency to process. Non-form self-service saves a phone call for servicer. Data based on information from current Applied CSR24 customers.


Annual Savings Expected?Savings based on traditional certificate of insurance processing cost of $7, based on IIABA cost analysis. Note this is a minimum cost. Processing can be up to $15. Cost-per-call costs based on analysis of call center research with average cost per call of $4 being used for our calculations.


ROI %?Return on investment expected from implementing online self-service for insureds.


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Reduce Expenses And Strengthen Client Relationships With Online Self-service

Applied CSR24 enables insurance agencies and brokerages to eliminate manual administrative tasks and offer better client service with 24/7 online access to insurance information. Maximize your agency management system investment by integrating Applied CSR24 into your system to increase agent productivity and deliver a better customer experience.

Learn how Applied CSR24 can reduce expenses and strengthen client relationships at your agency.

Calculation based on industry data and Applied research:
U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics
Independent Insurance Agents and Brokers of America
Applied CSR24 customer usage survey
Applied productivity survey
Applied CSR24 support pricing


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