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Hazel Partners succeeds as a digital agency

Hazel Partners LLC started its agency with a suite of Applied technology. Over the years, the business has grown into a digital agency with seamless connectivity with each stakeholder in the agency, insurers and insureds.

"The fact that every application connects gives us an advantage. Applied Systems makes us a digital agency and positions us for significant growth."

Curtis Hazel


Hazel Partners LLC


As a young agency, the executives knew they wanted to be on the cutting edge of technology. They needed software to incorporate into every department of the agency to create ease of doing business, provide better customer service, enhance insurer communications and increase visibility for every stakeholder in the agency. Hazel Partners needed technology to make them a digital agency.


The executives at Hazel Partners chose Applied technology to create a digital agency. “We embraced digital technology because nowadays, for basic survival, you have to be a digital agency,” said Curtis Hazel, president, Hazel Partners LLC. The agency chose a suite of Applied software, including Applied Epic as its single management system, to enhance agency operations and build the business as a digital agency. Applied Epic, the fastest-growing cloud-based agency management system in the world, is a single, integrated and open application that provides essential capabilities for each stakeholder within the agency.

The agency also leverages Applied CSR24, the leading cloud-based client self-service software, to provide clients 24/7 access to important insurance information through a customer portal. Applied PerformanceManagement, the first business intelligence solution built specifically for independent insurance agencies, enables Hazel Partners obtain greater graphical business insights pulled directly from Applied Epic. Staff also utilize Applied Mobile, the first insurance agent mobile application, for access to client and prospect information while on the go. Hazel Partners leverages Applied Rater, an accurate, cloud-based insurance quoting application, to automate quoting workflows for more than 500 insurers nationwide.

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Hazel Partners has seen significant growth since opening its doors in 2011. Applied Epic enables the agency to seamlessly manage day-to-day operations and scale quickly for business growth. “In the past 14 months, Hazel Partners acquired four agencies, and we were able to easily integrate the new books of business into Applied Epic,” said Hazel. The agency management system is purpose-built for exponential growth and seamless integration of additional books of business. Data is also pulled from Applied Epic to Applied PerformanceManagement for optimized reporting. “Applied PerformanceManagement enables us to take all of that data so we can look into the health of the agency,” said Hazel. The tool presents data in an easy-to-understand visual interface, enabling Hazel executives can make quicker, more informed business decisions.

The agency can now serve customers anytime, anywhere through the Applied CSR24 portal. Clients can view important insurance information and access certificates 24/7. Applied Mobile also allows staff to service customers while on the go. “All 10 of our producers have the Applied Mobile app, and what’s great is they can access it on their phones or tablets from anywhere, so they’re not stuck at a desk,” said Hazel. Applied Mobile enables producers to more easily service customers out in the field.

Agency staff also delivers quotes to clients faster with Applied Rater. “Applied Rater has been extremely beneficial for us because it’s automated,” said Hazel. “We used to turn quotes around in two or three weeks, now we can turn them around that day.” Applied Rater enables agency staff to satisfy customer demand for information whenever they want it, resulting in exponential growth. Partnered with Applied technology, Hazel Partners experiences enhanced connectivity throughout the agency, significantly impacting the company’s success.

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Hazel Partners LLC

Hazel Partners LLC is an independent insurance agency with 65% Commercial Lines and 35% Personal Lines business. Founded in 2011, the agency has quickly expanded due to its commitment to digital technology.

Company Snapshot

Headquarters: St. Augustine, Florida
3 offices in Florida and South Carolina
21 employees

Software Leveraged

Applied CSR24

Applied Epic

Applied Mobile

Applied PerformanceManagement

Applied Rater