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John M. Glover Agency leverages Applied cloud-based software for automated updates

John M. Glover Agency experienced downtime during business hours to back up their data and update their systems. Cloud technology from Applied now enables the agency to automatically back up their data, update their systems during business hours, and even service customers 24/7.

"Updates to Applied Epic run in the background, ensuring business can continue around the clock."

Rachael Bassett

Commercial Lines Manager

John M. Glover Agency


Staff at Glover periodically ran into issues when it came time to back up or update their systems with their legacy agency management system. “We have a processing team in a vastly different time zone that needs access to the system even if updates are running,” said Rachael Bassett, Commercial Lines manager, John M. Glover Agency. “With our previous management system, we had to shut down the system for updates and backups to occur, which was hampering our ability to do business.” Glover required a single management system to manage automatic updates and data back up with zero operational down time.

Glover also required omnichannel technology to service its customers. Too much time was spent on administrative tasks to manage certificates and documents that couldn’t be pulled during off business hours. Glover needed customer self-service software to speed up business operations and enhance the customer experience.


Senior management at Glover chose Applied Epic, the world’s fastest-growing cloud-based agency management system, to better manage customer relationships, sales opportunities, and policy administration across all lines of business. Applied Epic operates in the Applied Cloud, which manages all updates and backs up data in the background to minimize business disruption.

Additionally, Applied CSR24, the leading cloud-based customer self-service software, integrates with Applied Epic, providing Glover’s clients anytime access to certificates and other insurance information, while reducing the staff’s time spent on manual administrative tasks.

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Automatic updates of Applied Epic and regular data backups have enhanced productivity. “Updates to Applied Epic run in the background, ensuring business can continue around the clock,” said Bassett. The foundational agency management system has also standardized workflows, and with real-time connection between Applied Epic and Applied CSR24, updating policy information is automated and efficient. “Every evening, the new policy information uploads to Applied CSR24, updating all certificates,” said Bassett.  “This real-time experience ensures clients have accurate information at all times.” Applied CSR24 allows the agencies’ clients to access certificates day or night.

Cloud-based software enables Glover to transform into a digital agency, positioning the company to grow and thrive in this new era.

John M. Glover Agency

John M. Glover Agency is dedicated to providing the best products and services to its clients across the Northeast. Currently celebrating its 100 year anniversary, the agency has earned accolades which include Insurance Journal Top 100 P&C Agency award and Top 50 Personal Lines Agency award.

Company Snapshot

Headquarters: Connecticut
160 employees
20 offices across the Northeast

Software Leveraged

Applied CSR24

Applied Epic