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Metz Stoller unifies business processes and enhances productivity with Applied

After a merger, Metz Stoller struggled with inconsistent data and workflows across multiple locations, as well as relied on manual reporting that often led to unreliable results. The agency decided to turn to digital technology to standardize agency operations and reporting and provide a more mobile customer experience.

"Because of the way we have developed our workflows in Applied Epic, we are able to build certain activities and processes so our employees use standardized workflows. The flexibility in the product gives us a powerful tool to make sure we are all doing business the same way."

Dayton Kilgus

Metz Stoller


When Metz Stoller underwent a merger, more than doubling in size, it had multiple software migrations taking place. “We had a lot of different people doing things in many different ways,” said Dayton Kilgus, manager/producer, Metz Stoller. “We needed a common system to unify how our employees worked and streamline business processes.” Before Applied, individual producers were creating their own reports in Excel, causing disjointed and inconsistent results. The agency needed to bring all of its employees and locations into a single system, streamlining data and workflows.


Metz Stoller migrated to Applied Epic, the fastest-growing foundational agency management system in the world, to automate operations and reporting. Seeing an opportunity for growth and improvement of customer service, the agency also implemented Applied Mobile, the first insurance agent mobile application to bring client, policy and sales information to mobile devices.

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Staff at Metz Stoller now benefits from standardized workflows and data across its multiple locations. “Because of the way we have developed our business processes in Applied Epic, we are able to build certain activities and standardized workflows for our employees,” said Kilgus. “The flexibility in the product gives us a powerful tool to make sure we are all doing business the same way.”

Metz Stoller has been able to create consistency and take advantage of the robust reporting capabilities in Applied Epic. “It’s incredible because it gives us insight to make decisions on individual contributors, where they are performing, and how they can improve and align with agency goals,” said Kilgus. With Applied Epic, reporting is automated and instantaneous. The automated processes have benefited the business and enhanced the quality of the data Metz Stoller uses to make business decisions. “I know for a fact that moving away from manual reporting has increased the quality of our data 10 fold and increased productivity significantly,” said Kilgus.

Applied Mobile enables staff to respond to customers anytime, anywhere, making their CSRs more productive and providing visibility into business operations when out in the field. “Mobility isn’t an option anymore,” said Kilgus. “It’s a requirement and critical to run a business. Our customers have questions or want answers and quotes now. With Applied Mobile, we can answer those critical questions, which increases staff productivity and helps us take advantage of new sales opportunities with information on the go.” Leveraging digital technology has enabled Metz Stoller to improve operational efficiency and customer service, ultimately positioning the agency for accelerated growth.

About Metz Stoller

Metz Stoller, Inc., a Compass Insurance Partner, has more than 200 years of combined insurance agency experience with a focus on personalized customer service.

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Company Snapshot

Headquarters: Fairbury, IL
32 employees
7 offices

Software Leveraged

Applied Epic

Applied Mobile

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