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The Horton Group reduces customers’ risk exposure and gains a competitive edge

With a strong customer base in construction and the service industry, it is critical that The Horton Group properly mitigate risk exposure when tracking certificates of insurance (COIs). The agency required a solution to track COIs and verify that their customers’ vendors were fully insured.

"Our customer was stunned to realize that only 14 percent of its vendors were meeting standard requirements. By leveraging Applied certTrax, compliance rose to its current level of 100 percent."

Amiri Curry

Insurance Services Manager,
The Horton Group


The Horton Group has a strong concentration of construction and service industry customers that have rigid compliance requirements. To meet these requirements, Horton’s customers must track COIs to verify their vendors are properly insured. While each customer requires vendors to provide COIs, Horton agents were concerned that their customers lacked the capacity to thoroughly vet each one. To mitigate risk exposure for their customers, Horton sought a certificate tracking solution to solve various pain points associated with certificate processing.


To reduce risk exposure, increase value to its customer base and gain a competitive edge, Horton began to review various certificate tracking systems. Because the agency was a current Applied CSR24 client, it examined Applied certTrax, an online system for automated tracking of third-party certificates of insurance.

“We went through all the demos, ‘kicked the tires’ of the various offerings, and ultimately selected Applied certTrax,” said Amiri Curry, insurance services manager, The Horton Group. “The combination of the solution’s capabilities and our established relationship with Applied made the decision clear. We knew we’d receive superior training and support, and consistent, responsive service.”


Horton implemented Applied certTrax with a pilot customer and began evaluating its COI requirements and vendor compliance. “Our customer was stunned to realize that only 14 percent of its vendors were meeting standard requirements,” said Curry. “By leveraging Applied certTrax, compliance rose to its current level of 100 percent.”

Using the Applied certificate tracking solution, Horton has opened a new revenue stream and provides more comprehensive risk mitigation for customers. After the successful pilot program, the agency rolled out the solution to a variety of other customers that have found similar success.

On average, the customers that leverage Horton’s Applied certTrax capabilities have increased COI compliance from approximately 15 to 100 percent. In addition to increased compliance that minimizes exposed risks, the solution allows the agency’s customers to reduce administration costs associated with manual entry and review processes. Applied certTrax and its automated certificate tracking tools set Horton apart from its competitors.


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