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Build your business on a powerful technology foundation to quickly capitalize on new opportunities and maximize efficiency. Applied solutions enable insurance agencies to grow more profitably, deliver better customer service and increase connectivity with carriers. Advanced software to manage your agency automates business processes to achieve higher growth with greater productivity and cost savings. In a digitally connected marketplace, Applied allows agencies to fully leverage automation, the cloud and real-time information exchange throughout the insurance business lifecycle to enhance your competitive value.  Learn More
Insurance customers today expect more. In a digitally-connected insurance marketplace, fast and complete service is more important than ever for creating profitable relationships. Applied solutions for serving the insured ensure agency customers get more.  Learn More
To be a trusted advisor to clients, independent agents must offer higher value service to policyholders. IVANS provides industry-wide connectivity and automated data exchange that enables independent agencies to drive revenue, increase client retention and build stronger carrier relationships by having immediate access to policy information and real-time quoting to more effectively service today’s policyholders. By connecting to carriers and MGAs through IVANS, agents have a single, efficient workflow for information exchange that reduces manual processes, so agents can deliver the faster service that clients expect and grow their book of business.  Learn More
Cloud technology is rapidly transforming the insurance industry by driving greater connectivity and collaboration among agencies, insured customers and business partners. For more and more insurance agencies, the cloud is fundamentally changing the ways agents view and manage their business as a core strategy to provide reliable and secure delivery of software applications with greater scalability, mobile access and business continuity protection.   Learn More
The business of insurance is changing, requiring new and different solutions for agencies to succeed. Benefit from the extensive industry knowledge and deep technology expertise to ensure your agency and customers gain maximum benefit from your Applied solutions. Applied’s Customer Experience team is committed to working closely with agencies at every step – from adopting new technology, to managing organic and M&A growth, to evolving and enriching how agencies serve customers. We employ more professionals with insurance knowledge and experience than any other system vendor, helping you configure, implement and optimize your agency technology through efficient and organized processes.   Learn More

Applied Solutions

Technology is driving change in the business of insurance. New opportunities for growth and stronger customer relationships emerge every day. Is your business reaching its full potential?

Applied enables insurance agencies to grow and succeed in an increasingly complex and connected insurance marketplace. We optimize the way information is used in the business of insurance with insurance software solutions and services that drive business efficiency and productivity so agencies can focus on customers and service. Developed on leading technology and insurance industry standards, Applied gives agencies a platform to expand their businesses and realize the advantages of leading-edge technology, including the cloud and mobile systems. We partner with our customers with world-class support and deep expertise to take your business further. The future is here.

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