Microsoft Exchange Hosted by Applied

Expand and grow your insurance agency with a secure, cost-effective Microsoft® Exchange solution hosted by Applied.

Microsoft Exchange hosted by Applied provides an email hosting solution in an Applied cloud environment with enhanced security, scalability and a predictive cost structure. Through Applied, Microsoft Exchange offers your agency a secure, cost-effective solution to enable your businesses to expand and grow.

Microsoft Exchange Hosted by Applied provides:

  • Scalability for agency growth
  • Enhanced security for compliance, data loss protection (DLP) and uninterrupted service
  • A predictable, low monthly fee
  • Automatic software and anti-virus upgrades
  • Web access for added mobility with remote/wireless access to calendars and contacts
  • Improved teamwork and customer service with easily shared tasks and files

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Product Benefits

Agency-Hosted Email Solution: In order to grow, email solutions must be agile and flexible. If email is hosted on a server in your agency, scalability of the current server and email solution may require additional budget as your business matures.

Microsoft Exchange Hosted by Applied: Scalability is not an issue. Users can be added or removed without making an additional investment. Applied data centers and cloud environments fully support agency growth and scalability.


Agency-Hosted Email Solution: If a natural disaster or technical disaster interrupts service, email access can be down for days or weeks leaving data exposed. To further protect assets, agencies must also purchase virus protection software to ensure emails and systems are protected.

Microsoft Exchange hosted by Applied: Hosting in Applied data centers offers a level of protection beyond what any agency could provide independently. By keeping company data on an off-site server, single point of failure is eliminated. Continual backups and uninterrupted service ensure that business operations can continue, strengthening your business continuity plan. Microsoft Exchange hosted by Applied incorporates spam and virus malware to eliminate data corruption. Its data loss prevention (DLP) capabilities prevent users from sending sensitive information to unauthorized people. Microsoft Exchange also provides compliance tools that meet regulatory requirements to simplify company protection policies.

Predictive Costs

Agency-Hosted Email Solution: Agencies need to budget for significant hardware and software expenses, as well as the added expense of potential hardware failures, costs of an IT consultant or ongoing maintenance.

Microsoft Exchange Hosted by Applied: Agencies have one predictable monthly cost that includes support, backup and upgrades. Total cost of ownership decreases considerably.


Agency-Hosted Email Solution: On-premise email averages 40 hours of downtime per year.

Microsoft Exchange hosted by Applied: Guaranteed availability 24/7. Upgrades that previously might have disrupted messages now occur continuously in a transparent manner.

Mobility Support

Agency-Hosted Email Solution: Employees may need to be at agency locations to connect to on-premise solutions on the network or to access certain files.

Microsoft Exchange Hosted by Applied: Employees can work anywhere on their mobile devices with access to email, calendar, contacts and task managers. Mobility leads to business and workflow efficiency, as well as cost savings for the agency.

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