Claims Download

Claims download offers the most secure method of transmitting claims data. Receive claim adjustment and settlement information directly from carriers and MGAs to your agency management system.

Automated Claims Updates
Claims download is an ACORD standard XML message used to download claims information from a carrier or MGA’s claims system directly into your agency management system. It is the most secure method of transmitting accurate claims data, keeping you up-to-date with the claim adjustment and settlement processes of the carrier or MGA. Claims download allows you to proactively communicate with clients during their time of need with current claims information.

Claims download can update claims screens within your agency management system with initial and subsequent information sent from a carrier or MGA, allowing you to track activity for individual claims including claim number, adjuster assignment or notes, payments and closure of the claim.

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Key Benefits
  • Receive claims information quickly and efficiently
  • Access up-to-date information on claims within your agency management system
  • Receive complete overview of claims for servicing, tracking and reporting 

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