IVANS Market Appetite

Similar to a Google search, IVANS Market Appetite enables property & casualty agents to enter a client risk and instantly see markets with appetite for that risk, increasing your ability to find the right carrier for new and current clients.

IVANS Market Appetite improves agency productivity by reducing time spent on the traditional ways of identifying carrier appetite – such as referencing carrier risk guides, accessing carrier websites, historical agent experience, or directly contacting underwriters on an individual basis. By providing a simple, automated solution to connect agents and carriers for new and renewal business opportunities, IVANS Market Appetite furthers IVANS commitment to drive greater efficiency and business value for carriers and agents.

Product Benefits

  • Streamline Carrier Appetite Search: Searching markets can be an inefficient manual process often hampered by information lags and outdated, inaccurate information. IVANS Market Appetite reduces these time consuming, imprecise steps by providing a streamlined search tool to identify up-to-date carrier appetite when you begin to search for a market to submit new and renewal business.
  • Gain Access to More Markets: By offering broad carrier appetite search capabilities, IVANS Market Appetite enables agencies to quickly find more and better markets for clients to win new and renew business faster.
  • Increase Productivity with Integrated Search Workflows: Integrated into agents’ daily workflows and embedded directly within Applied Epic, this simple search tool provides a single workflow for appetite search, eliminating the need to suspend workflows to identify appropriate carriers for new risks.


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IVANS Market Appetite